Not all carpets are created equal. They might have a similar pile structure or be made from the same fibres but often the construction and manufacturing process can be vastly different. For this reason, the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme can be useful for consumers to understand the quality or ‘grade’ of carpet before buying.

Not everyone needs or wants carpet to last 15 years or longer, but for others long life flooring is a priority. For this reason and others the ACCS is a useful scheme for homeowners to make an educated decision about the quality of their carpet and compare ‘apples with apples’ when buying carpet. The team at Ashmore Carpets explains more about the scheme in our latest blog post. 

What does the carpet classification assess?

The star rating system essentially assesses the durability of the carpet to wear and how the carpet will maintain its appearance over time. For areas of the home that will receive high foot traffic (entrance hallways and living rooms –also stairs) this will likely influence the rating of the carpet that you will need. Commercial carpets can receive a maximum of four (4) stars and residential carpets a maximum of 6 stars.

The ratings are determined through independent testing by the Australian Carpet Institute (ACS) undergoing laboratory testing on their construction. Technical data surrounding the construction is also supplied by manufacturers.

Is it worthwhile buying carpets with just one or two stars?

Absolutely. Not all rooms will need the most durable carpet so for guest bedrooms, offices and other areas with less foot traffic many homeowners choose a lower grade to save money while investing in higher rated carpets in living areas and hallways. We recommend hallways and stairs and family lounge rooms to opt for a carpet rating of at least 3 stars.

Carpets and their environmental impact

There is also a way to determine the environmental impact of your carpet through its construction process provided by the ACS. The amount of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) emitted by the carpet is measured under the environmental classification scheme with four stars being the highest performer for carpets and their environmental impact. We sell a range of eco-friendly flooring options here at Ashmore Carpets known for their environmentally friendly production so come in and see what’s available today!

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