At Ashmore Carpets we supply and install Australia’s most popular bamboo flooring product – Quick Step ARC Bamboo. Not only has bamboo flooring exploded in popularity in Australian homes in recent years, but the products we offer here at Ashmore Carpets here on the Gold Coast are also a vast improvement over some other products that are available from China.

If you haven’t considered bamboo flooring before, we explain below the beauty of bamboo and how it can create an attractive, modern interior as well as a robust and durable flooring option. 

How is bamboo flooring made?

High-quality bamboo flooring products are constructed using strands of woven bamboo which are compressed into a solid flooring product sharing many similar characteristics to timber flooring. Harvested from specially grown bamboo plantations which are fast growing and replenishing, bamboo flooring is one of the true sustainable flooring options on the market. The Quick-Step Arc product includes multiple layers:

  • A Scratch-Resistant finishing layer – This finishing layer includes more than 10 coats of scratch resistant technology, making it stand up to scratches and wear and tear of everyday life compared to other bamboo floors.
  • Hard, Stable Bamboo core – The 14 mm layer is the heart of the bamboo flooring product and is available in a number of different colour finishes. With a cold pressed manufacturing process, there is complete uniform in appearance when it comes to colour and moisture resistance which can be re-sanded and refinished in years to come.

Why go with bamboo?

Bamboo flooring offers a range of benefits that extend far beyond their beautiful looks. Some of the major reasons bamboo continues to be popular include:

  • Long lifetime when compared to other flooring products. Quick-Step Bamboo comes with a 25-year residential wear warranty and a lifetime structural warranty. Giving you peace of mind you will enjoy your floor for many years to come
  • Moisture Resistant – Bamboo’s finishing layer stands up well to moisture compared to carpet and hardwood flooring
  • Fast Installation – The quick click interlocking boards make bamboo flooring very easy to install and does away with needing messy glues and adhesives.
  • Kind to the Environment – Environmentally friendly, bamboo is very fast growing and is seen as a grass rather than a timber meaning it grows quickly and is

Want to see what bamboo would look like in your home?

The Quick Step website offers a flooring interior design function where you can test the different colour of a bamboo floor will look like in your home. Change furniture, wall colours, and light in the room to see what the bamboo floor will look like at different times of day and with different décor.

With the full range of only the best-grade Bamboo flooring across the Gold Coast, visit or call Ashmore Carpets today to see and learn more about this very modern and exciting flooring option.

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