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Choosing your ideal hospitality flooring for your space, whether it be a coffee shop, bar, café, hotel or upmarket restaurant, specific safety regulations need to be considered with your flooring. Any food preparation space requires a high level of hygiene requirements, as food handling can be dangerous if not done correctly. Food and drinks spilt on the floor are inevitable and can pose a significant danger to workers. It’s crucial the flooring is easy to clean so that any risk of cross contamination is minimised. Otherwise, bacteria can form within the grooves of the flooring and be moved around the restaurant via people’s shoes.

Although safety is important, so is the general ambience and experience your customers receive. As we all know, there has never been more pressure to create a welcoming and “Instagram worthy” space in the age of technology. With one single post, your restaurant can become an overnight sensation.

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Flooring we recommend for your hospitality space

At Ashmore Carpets, we believe it’s important you must love your flooring, and we are committed to spending time with you to ensure you have confidence in your decision. We understand that life waits for no one, and we want to ensure your business is in premium condition with minimal downtime. We take pride in going the extra mile to find the flooring solution you have been searching for, and we look forward to working with you on your next hospitality flooring project. For your hospitality space, we recommend commercial grade vinyl flooring. As it meets all safety requirements, it’s non slip requirements nd can be laid in all hospitality areas like kitchens and bathrooms making it extremely versatile.

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If you have ever been to a noisycafé or restaurant, as you know, it can be incredibly frustrating. You can’t hear the waiter or what your friends are saying around the table. Carpet is the perfect solution as it absorbs the sound rather than the sound bouncing off, as it does with other flooring types. When considering any new hospitality carpet, it’s essential to consider how the area will be used. Answering this question will assist in what carpet fibre, colour, texture, style, pattern and quality you decide. At Ashmore Carpets, we realise it can be overwhelming with the sheer number of different carpets. Whether you like a loop, twist, or plush pile carpet, we have a large selection of them. One carpet choice we would recommend is Axminster carpet. Axminster carpet is a traditional wool and nylon blend. It’s incredibly durable and can be customised according to your interior design scheme.

Hybrid flooring

For your commercial restaurant flooring, we recommend hybrid flooring. Hybrid flooring bears a striking resemblance to authentic timber. Its strength and durability are combined with the best elements of laminate and vinyl plank flooring, all for a more cost effective alternative to natural and genuine timber. Unlike traditional timber flooring that needs sanding and polishing every couple of years, hybrid is low maintenance, easy to clean and requires no special care like sanding and polishing. Hybrid flooring is also stain, scratch and slip resistant, making them ideal for, clubs, restaurants and cafes.

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