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All across Australia, high rise apartment living is becoming increasingly popular, especially on the Gold Coast. Opening the blinds to an epic sunrise over the ocean is just one of the delights of apartment living. Luxury amenities such as pools and gyms are also some of the advantages. However, there are some disadvantages as well. The biggest being noisy neighbours. Nothing is worse than hearing your neighbour’s footsteps on the ceiling every night or the kids running up and down the hallway. One way to improve the noise of your home is with underlay. Underlay is significantly underestimated. It enhances the acoustics of your room and makes the floor softer when walking.

With recent technology, manufacturers have created acoustically rated flooring, making it easier when choosing flooring for your multi residential apartment. It is said that in developed countries like Australia. People are now spending 80-90% of their time indoors, whether at home, at work or participating in sporting activities or entertainment. That is a lot of your time so it is important the space is comfortable.

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High rise apartment flooring we recommend for you

Depending on your building, each body corporate committee will have their own set of rules and requirements for your apartment flooring. We will work with you and your body corporate committee to ensure all parties are happy before finalising and installing your new flooring. We understand that life waits for no one, and we want to ensure your home is in premium condition with minimal downtime or disturbance.

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Hybrid flooring

Hybrid floors, also known as floating floors, combine vinyl and laminate flooring. Not only are they easy to clean, stain and scratch-resistant, but they can often be slip-resistant, making them ideal for residential installation. As a bonus, hybrid flooring is a fantastic option for high rise living, as it often meets all acoustic rating requirements for body corporates. At Ashmore Carpets we are proud to stock the industry’s leading hybrid flooring from a variety of manufacturers from all over the world.

Vinyl plank flooring

Vinyl plank flooring is more resistant to water damage, stains and warping than solid timber flooring. It’s hard wearing, extremely strong and durable, plus it’s available in many styles and colours. It is also quieter than hardwood flooring. Are you tired of hearing the kids running up and down the hallway? Vinyl plank flooring is the solution to your problem. In recent years, manufacturers have specifically designed acoustic backing that helps reduce and absorb the impact of sound. Thus, creating a more peaceful environment for all to enjoy. Thus, making it an excellent choice for your high rise apartment flooring.

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