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Is this your first time purchasing vinyl plank flooring, or are you a seasoned pro? Either way, Ashmore Carpets have the perfect vinyl flooring just for you and your next project. Residential or commercial, we have it all ready and waiting for you to explore.

Vinyl plank flooring has become incredibly popular due to its versatility. It comes in a range of different lengths, thicknesses and styles. With cutting-edge technology, vinyl planks are more realistic than ever, with many resembling genuine natural timber with wood grain detailing.

Vinyl plank flooring is a fantastic affordable alternative to natural timber or ceramic tiles. It’s soft underfoot and excellent for high-traffic areas like kitchens and walkways. It’s low maintenance, protects against scratches, and improves resistance to stains and dirt. It’s easy to clean with a simple mop and vacuum, and the best part is water resistant making it suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms and your laundry.

As one of the Gold Coast’s leading vinyl suppliers, our specialised approach allows us to provide you with an extensive selection of vinyl plank flooring. Come into our showroom to say hello and ask how we can help you select vinyl plank flooring for your next renovation or build.

Vinyl planks for high rise residential living

All across Australia, high rise apartment living is becoming more and more popular and sought after. While amazing views and luxury amenities such as pools and gyms are just some advantages of high rise living, there are also some disadvantages. The biggest being noisy neighbours. Are you tired of hearing your neighbour’s footsteps on the ceiling every night or the kids running up and down the hallway? Vinyl plank flooring is the solution to your problem.

In recent years, manufacturers have specifically designed acoustic backing that helps reduce and absorb the impact of sound. Thus, creating a more peaceful environment for all to enjoy. We have also included our thoughts on pros and cons for vinyl planks.

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  • Vinyl Planks can be used anywhere in your home or commercial property as they are waterproof.
  • Wood, marble, or stone, vinyl planks come in an array of decorative styles.
  • A great option for pet friendly homes as they are incredibly durable, scratch and stain resistant.
  • Easy to maintain, they are super easy to clean with a simple vacuum and mop.


  • Many concerns are that vinyl plank flooring can look “cheap” and that is why we recommend coming to our showroom to see what they look like in person.
  • Your subfloor needs to be in perfect condition as the vinyl is glued directly on top and therefore in some cases extra floor preparation is needed.
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Yes, we require a 50% deposit to initiate your proposal and order your chosen flooring from the manufacturer.

If you want to save some money, yes you can remove all of your furniture before installation. Alternatively at Ashmore Carpets we can do this for you at minimal cost. Be sure to let your flooring consultant know when discussing your quote.

Hard Flooring

A floating floor is not directly stuck to the subfloor. It simply sits on top of a layer of plastic sheeting or foam underlay and uses a click system. When clicked together at the edges, they float as an interlocked sheet across the floor.

Unfortunately, just like any real timber flooring, bamboo will scratch. The biggest contributor is furniture legs and high heeled shoes. The best way to protect and maintain your bamboo floor is to add felt tips to all of your furniture legs and refrain from wearing your high heel shoes inside on the floor.


We highly recommend you update your underlay every time you install new carpet. As mentioned in the terms and conditions of most manufacturers, they will likely void your carpet’s warranty if laid on existing underlay. Not to mention your old carpet will also have the same wear patterns and this can be visible as imperfections on the new carpet.

One of the easiest ways for you to save money on your installation is move your furniture in preparation for the flooring installers. We suggest not only removing all of the large furniture, but also all of the decorative artwork and mirrors to make sure they don’t get damaged on installation.

The correct preparation before any installation is dependent upon the condition of your concrete slab. Whether you’re building a brand new home or renovating your existing space, our dedicated flooring experts will inspect this when measuring the property and will advise if anything needs to be done.


There are two carpets in particular that are eco friendly, one being wool carpet and the other triexta carpet. Wool carpet is a 100% natural fibre plus it is biodegradable, sustainable and an all round environmentally friendly flooring product. Plus the ‘eco+’ carpet range by Godfrey Hirst, or ‘triexta’ fibre carpet is derived from corn kernels!

At Ashmore Carpets we have a large selection of both wool and synthetic carpets that range in price from $35m2 – $200m2 fully installed, on underlay.

At Ashmore Carpets we strongly recommend vacuuming your carpet at least once a week. If your home is occupied by children or pets, we recommend vacuuming more regularly especially on the high traffic areas. Make sure you know which vacuum is best suited for your new carpet!

Carpet should be steam cleaned approximately every 12 to 18 months depending upon the usage and colour. Even though both light and dark colours attract the same dirt and grit, light colours tend to show the soiling earlier.

When referring to carpet you will be quoted in broadloom metres compared to the typical square metres. A broadloom metre is 1 metre in length by 3.66 metres in width. To calculate the price of a square metre, divide the broadloom metre price by 3.66. This can be beneficial if you are comparing carpet to other floor coverings that are quoted in square metre prices.

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