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Supplying and installing all of your hybrid flooring on the Gold Coast is what we do at Ashmore Carpets. We are proud to stock the industry’s leading hybrid flooring from a variety of manufacturers from all over the world. Our precision is second to none, as our installers strategically measure the space and consider the most aesthetically pleasing option for how the floor can be laid.

If you’re not familiar with hybrid flooring, it bears a striking resemblance to authentic timber. Its strength and durability are combined with the best elements of laminate and vinyl plank flooring, all for a more cost-effective alternative to natural and genuine timber. Hybrid flooring comes in various colours and designs with an option to suit every style.

Hybrid flooring, more commonly known as floating floors, is the method in which the flooring has been installed rather than the type. It has become increasingly popular, especially for Gold Coast homes with open-plan living. Soaking up the warm summer days is just one of the luxuries Gold Coasters get to enjoy. As a bonus, hybrid flooring is a fantastic option for high-rise living, as it often meets all acoustic rating requirements for body corporates.

Low maintenance hybrid flooring is for every room and space

If you are looking for more time in your life and don’t want to spend the precious time you have cleaning and maintaining your floors, then hybrid flooring is an excellent solution for you. Unlike traditional timber flooring that needs sanding and polishing every couple of years, hybrids are low maintenance, easy to clean, and require no special care like sanding and polishing. Hybrid flooring is also stain, scratch, and slip-resistant, making it ideal for residential or commercial installation. To keep hybrid flooring clean all that is needed is a simple weekly mop, sweep, and vacuum making it easy to maintain for decades to come. We have also included our thoughts on the pros and cons of hybrid flooring to assist you when making your decision.

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  • Embossed and textured hybrid flooring will improve against slipping.
  • Is simple to install and doesn’t require any nails.
  • Soft and comfortable underfoot.


  • Skirting need to be considered, in most cases they need to be removed and replaced with a product called Scotia which is an additional cost.
  • If one board becomes damaged, it can be difficult to replace as you need to remove the surrounding boards which can be time-consuming and costly.
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Yes, we require a 50% deposit to initiate your proposal and order your chosen flooring from the manufacturer.

If you want to save some money, yes you can remove all of your furniture before installation. Alternatively at Ashmore Carpets we can do this for you at minimal cost. Be sure to let your flooring consultant know when discussing your quote.

Hard Flooring

A floating floor is not directly stuck to the subfloor. It simply sits on top of a layer of plastic sheeting or foam underlay and uses a click system. When clicked together at the edges, they float as an interlocked sheet across the floor.

Unfortunately, just like any real timber flooring, bamboo will scratch. The biggest contributor is furniture legs and high heeled shoes. The best way to protect and maintain your bamboo floor is to add felt tips to all of your furniture legs and refrain from wearing your high heel shoes inside on the floor.


We highly recommend you update your underlay every time you install new carpet. As mentioned in the terms and conditions of most manufacturers, they will likely void your carpet’s warranty if laid on existing underlay. Not to mention your old carpet will also have the same wear patterns and this can be visible as imperfections on the new carpet.

One of the easiest ways for you to save money on your installation is move your furniture in preparation for the flooring installers. We suggest not only removing all of the large furniture, but also all of the decorative artwork and mirrors to make sure they don’t get damaged on installation.

The correct preparation before any installation is dependent upon the condition of your concrete slab. Whether you’re building a brand new home or renovating your existing space, our dedicated flooring experts will inspect this when measuring the property and will advise if anything needs to be done.


There are two carpets in particular that are eco friendly, one being wool carpet and the other triexta carpet. Wool carpet is a 100% natural fibre plus it is biodegradable, sustainable and an all round environmentally friendly flooring product. Plus the ‘eco+’ carpet range by Godfrey Hirst, or ‘triexta’ fibre carpet is derived from corn kernels!

At Ashmore Carpets we have a large selection of both wool and synthetic carpets that range in price from $35m2 – $200m2 fully installed, on underlay.

At Ashmore Carpets we strongly recommend vacuuming your carpet at least once a week. If your home is occupied by children or pets, we recommend vacuuming more regularly especially on the high traffic areas. Make sure you know which vacuum is best suited for your new carpet!

Carpet should be steam cleaned approximately every 12 to 18 months depending upon the usage and colour. Even though both light and dark colours attract the same dirt and grit, light colours tend to show the soiling earlier.

When referring to carpet you will be quoted in broadloom metres compared to the typical square metres. A broadloom metre is 1 metre in length by 3.66 metres in width. To calculate the price of a square metre, divide the broadloom metre price by 3.66. This can be beneficial if you are comparing carpet to other floor coverings that are quoted in square metre prices.

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