One thing that many people are surprised about when it comes to laminate flooring is how sophisticated and ‘high end’ the different options look – all at prices which are a fraction of the costs of laying many other floors. There’s no doubt that with advances in technology and decades of refinement, the new laminate options available today are have made massive strides from what many people associate laminate floors with.

The attractive finish of our laminate is exceptionally professional, seamless and always appears authentic. From all grains, colours and styles of timber, this helps to bring a natural beauty to your home, from what is engineered man made product. Apart from a stunning appearance, the way laminate is made and constructed allows for many practical and durability advantages over traditional timber which we explain below.

How is laminate flooring constructed?

At Ashmore Carpets we sell Quick-Step® Laminate flooring, one of the leading suppliers of laminate flooring in Australia and internationally for more than 20 years. Quick-Step laminate is constructed with four different layers to give ultimate strength and protection.

  1. The Top Layer: – It’s all about protection with the top layer of Quick-Step laminate floors. The protective coating of several melamine layers are hard pressed at high temperature to shield against burns, impacts, scratches and household chemicals. This top layer is finished with the character of timber or tile that has been chosen for the floor to give an authentic natural finish.
  2. The Design Layer – It’s all about looks when it comes to the design layer. The appearance of a laminate floor and why the finish is so authentic is because the design layer is actually a high resolution photograph with a specified printing technique – this combined with the structure of the surface help to make the wood or tile imitation look incredibly realistic.
  3. Moisture Resistant Core – Unlike timber which can warp and receive damage from excessive moisture, the heart and soul of laminate flooring is a high density fibre board made from homogenised timber composites compressed and then finished with high quality resins to create a strong and dense core. This means exceptional durability, stability and resistance to moisture.
  4. Balancing Backing – The balancing backing layer on the laminate boards provides an extra layer of durability and smoothness and allows a consistent installation when installed correctly.

Not all suppliers of laminate flooring use the same materials or construct their laminate flooring in the same way with several layers of protective coatings or with the same dense core. There are usually cheaper options available, but when shopping for flooring, quality is a consideration that should be at the forefront if you want a flooring solution that you can rely on and will stand up to the demands of a busy lifestyle.

To see the Quick Step® range for yourself, call into Ashmore Carpets today and find out more about the lavish looks of laminate which can give you a luxury floor for less.