Strand woven bamboo is widely considered the best kind of bamboo flooring on the market because of its strength, density and hardness. Unfortunately not all bamboo flooring suppliers use the same construction techniques and not all products are created equal. This is why the first rule you should look for when buying bamboo is to always choose strand woven products.

Ashmore Carpets are your Gold Coast flooring specialists and we explain what strand woven bamboo and what else you should look for when choosing bamboo flooring in this post. 

Strand Woven Explained

Strand woven refers to bamboo flooring material that has been harvested and ground up in split and crushed fibred then woven and compressed under extreme pressure to create a durable and beautiful floor. Much of the off cut products are reused and rewoven into to reduce waste and make a very environmentally friendly product.

Things to look for in quality bamboo flooring products

  • Always choose strand woven.
  • Look for products harvested after 5 years since if harvested too young the products sometimes are not as strong. Bamboo that has been harvested too quickly is also more subject to dents, chips and other damage.
  • Look for products constructed from bonded adhesives with low VOC’s. This will ensure your indoor air quality remains at a premium.
  • Hot-pressed construction of bamboo has a lower moisture content in the flooring. Cold-pressed construction has a higher moisture content which means that it is more susceptible to cupping or bending.

Carbonised Bamboo Flooring

Carbonised bamboo flooring refers to flooring that is darker than the typical straw-like shade of standard bamboo. Some people prefer this colour to be more suited to their home and existing décor.  Carbonised products however can be about one-third softer than regular bamboo.

Why is Bamboo so environmentally friendly?

Bamboo flooring is one of the true eco-friendly flooring options on the market since it is both quick-growing (technically considered grass) and harvested from specially grown plantations. Also because bamboo cultivation does not require the use of pesticides or fertilisers, the growing process is far more sustainable. The harvesting process also does not cause degradation, runoff, or erosion like hardwood timber which further makes it an environmentally friendly option.

At Ashmore Carpets we proudly supply and install the Quick-Step® flooring range of bamboo flooring which is a top-grade, reliable, and attractive product using strand-woven bamboo fibres.

To see the samples for yourself or ask more about the bamboo flooring products visit our Gold Coast showroom at  Shop 9 Cnr Showcase Court & 117 Ashmore Road, Benowa QLD, or call us at (07) 5539 5022