Ashmore Carpets loves KarnDean flooring and you can love it too when you install it in your home or workplace. We have listed several reasons why you will be attracted to KarnDean flooring.

A natural appearance

KarnDean offers luxury vinyl flooring, but it is beautiful to look at and showcases a natural appearance. This look is perfect for inviting natural textures and colours into your rooms, from flooring that is rich and welcoming to walk on. KarnDean flooring embraces nature, and transports it into your property.

Easy to maintain

Flooring that is easy to maintain will allow you to relax and unwind, without a long to-do list of cleaning chores. Flooring that is simple and easy to clean and care for will make you love it every day you have it. Invest in a relaxed future, with KarnDean flooring.

High-quality materials

Vinyl can be low quality, but KarnDean vinyl is super-high quality. It is the best of the best, and is perfect for standard and high-end properties. If you care about durable materials that are also comfortable to walk on, you will love the flooring options from KarnDean.

A variety of styles, finishes and formats

There are so many different options for KarnDean products, so no matter what your design and decorating preferences are, you will find a KarnDean solution to match. Exploring the range will inspire and delight you, as you will soon discover the perfect flooring concept for you. A variety of styles, finishes and formats is one of the main things we love about KarnDean.

Customisable features

We can help you create the perfect flooring solution for you, with customised features that match your unique needs and preferences. KarnDean flooring can be personalised for each customer, so every floor is unique and special.

A reputation of 40 years

KarnDean products have been made for over forty years, and they are used all around the world. A great deal of research and testing has gone into their products, and decades of experience have taught them how to make one of the best flooring solutions in the world. When you choose flooring for your home or workplace, you will want to know that it will last in superior condition for many years to come. This is why we believe you will be most satisfied with the KarnDean choice.

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