Beautiful flooring plays a large part in giving a home that ‘wow’ factor. High end materials like marble, hard wood and slate are much sought after to give a home a designer finish. Unfortunately, these materials are out of reach for many home owners – price, maintenance and upkeep are just a few of the reason that they are not practical for many.

But that’s all about to change, thanks to KarnDean Designer Flooring. KarnDean is revolutionising flooring with their range of designer vinyl. If the word ‘vinyl’ summons thoughts of tacky laminate, think again. KarnDean vinyl is inspired by nature and imitates the details of your favourite flooring types – the swirls of wood grain, the texture of slate, the sheen of marble.

KarnDean Designerflooring isn’t just as good as the original – in many ways, it’s even better. Here’s how:

If you thought you were priced out of the marble or hard wood floors you love so much, think again. Karndean is a more affordable alternative to all those finishes you love. Choose from a wide range of finishes, textures and colours to suit your home.

Easy maintenance
KardDean Designerflooring gives you the beautiful look of natural floors without all the extra work. You don’t have to treat, polish or steam clean your KarnDean floors; a sweep and a mop is the only maintenance they will require.

Hard wearing
A single scratch can ruin your expensive floors but you don’t have to worry about that with KarnDean. Its chip proof surface means that you don’t need to cover your furniture in protective pads, and it stands up pretty well against water as well.

Easily replaced
Accidents do happen and sometimes, even the hardiest surface can suffer some damage. If this happens, you’ll be happy to know that KarnDean Designerflooring  is laid in squares, so you don’t have to replace the whole floor – just the affected section.

You can mix and match different colours – or even different materials – to design your own specially tailored floor. Individual squares are available with a border or other insert.

KarnDean’s range is specially designed to withstand the demands of residential and commercial buildings. Their range comes with a warranty of us to 20 years (depending on the line).

Easy to install
As well as saving money on the price of your flooring, KarnDean will save you extra dollars on installation, with a range that can be installed by anyone.

Environmental concerns
Natural materials can warp, curl, expand and shrink when exposed to the elements. You’ll have none of those problems with Designflooring, which keeps its shape for life. It is also not susceptible to changes in temperature.

More liveable
While marble and hard wood look gorgeous, they are cold underfoot and can make a room feel cold. You won’t have this problem with KarnDean.

KarnDean Designerflooring is available through Ashmore Carpets. For more information, call 5539 5022 or visit our showroom at Shop 9, corner Showcase Court and Ashmore Road.