Before you start putting down drop sheets and priming the brushes and rollers, read this. It could save you from making one of the biggest home makeover mistakes!
It’s easy to think freshening up a home is as simple as choosing a modern interior colour scheme , then splashing paint on the walls, and throwing in a few carefully selected cushions and pieces of art. But the vision can unravel quickly if you don’t do some careful planning before you start.

Modern design from the floor up!

When you look around your home, you notice your walls, your pictures and photographs, knick-knacks on benches and drawer units, your curtains and blinds – everything at eye level – and you start to imagine how it could be different. You’ve watched the renovation shows, you’ve heard of Scandinavian style and you can see the possibilities for a fresh, modern home that’s a joy to be in.

What you’ve missed is the most critical factor in bringing it all together. You haven’t looked down.

It’s so easy to forget that our floors are not just a base to walk on….they anchor each room, providing the foundation for the colour scheme you’ve chosen. If we’re chasing that light Scandinavian feel, then dark timber floorboards or deep brown carpets are not going to give you the result you’re after.

So how do you get your colour scheme vision just right?

Start by asking yourself what look you want to achieve? Then look to your floor – does it support it? Modern interior colour schemes are about clean colours with bold features – if you’re staring down at 1990’s salmon pink tiles with terracotta features you’ll never achieve your modern design vision.

If it doesn’t work with the colour scheme you want, don’t despair. There are loads of flooring options available, from budget to high-end, to help bring your vision to reality:

  • Timber is always in fashion and these days there are countless shades to choose from. Picking the right shade will bring that modern interior colour scheme to life.
  • Bamboo is a sustainable flooring option that’s clean and warm. It also provides a slightly modern take on traditional timber.
  • Laminate flooring can give you the same look as timber, but for far less outlay.
  • Vinyl comes in all sorts of designs and colours, and can be a great alternative to tiles, which can be hard and cold underfoot. Vinyl is also resilient and cost-effective.
  • Carpets are making a big comeback. They add warmth and plushness to any room and with the variety of materials and colours available today, they can be the key to bringing your colour scheme together.
  • Carpet tiles are an excellent way to update your house over and over. You can use different colours to create funky designs and can freshen up again next season by simply swapping tiles around to create new designs.

Overwhelmed by the possibilities? Let us help.

Sometimes too much choice can cause as many problems as not enough. How do you know which is the best option, what will work in your home and what will give you the desired result? Why not have a chat with one of our experts? We can help you figure out the best modern interior colour scheme for your home, and then choose the right flooring solutions to make your vision come to life.

For helpful advice on modern interior colour schemes and all your flooring solutions, contact Ashmore Carpets today!