Flooring – your feet spend 90% of their time feeling the textures beneath their nerve endings, soaking up the wood grains, carpet fibres and vinyl coverings. Tiles and grass can also feature, but hey, nothing says luxury like KarnDean vinyl flooring…and your feet know it. If they don’t, they’re about to, along with the rest of you. Ashmore Carpets have picked up the latest line of this Australian flooring icon; they’re fashionable, practical and on-button with their designs, textures and styles. Basically, we love them and we’re sure you will too. If you’re not in the flooring inner circle, allow us to introduce KarnDean…

Who They Are & What They Do

KarnDean took vinyl flooring and made it cool again. Roaring onto the scene in 1973, the family owned company started making waves in local markets, bringing gorgeous flooring solutions into local homes. When you think KarnDean, don’t cast your mind to tacky geometric prints in gaudy colours; instead, think of the most realistic vinyl wood covering you’ve ever seen or even a real wooden floor, shining and polished after a thorough spring clean…their inspirations have always been synonymous with the very best the vinyl world has to offer. They are completely customer centric, retaining that rooted company culture that Ashmore Carpets embrace and identify with – basically, they embody our passion for quality, attractive flooring.

They think outside the box, generating ideas from customer feedback and buyer desire – their flooring is classic, elegant and resilient. It will always be fashionable and easy to clean!

What They Offer

Natural Fibres Without the Cost – Pining after stone or hard wood when you can’t jump the price point hurdle need not end in tears. If you love the simplicity and earthiness of marble, granite, rock, wood or other natural fibres, the KarnDean range of colours, textures and tones will thrill your buyer senses.

User Friendliness – The worst thing about natural flooring? Maintenance. Always treating, scrubbing, polishing and steam mopping – one room can take hours! You don’t have time for hours and hours of floor cleaning – nobody does. KarnDean offer the same appeal with minimal elbow grease. Simply grab a mop and give it a once over after sweeping.

Chip-Proof – Natural flooring is sensitive and KarnDean is hard wearing. You won’t need to lay out furniture pads to protect your floors from scratches or scuffs – an inevitability if you’re an investor and not an owner occupier. Since KarnDean is laid out in squares, in the unlikely event something does happen (and it would be very unexpected, as the label regularly surfaces commercial and residential properties), you can just replace the affected sections!

Perhaps the best feature of this great, highly recommended range is the ability to personalise – do you have something in mind for your home? Run it past Ashmore Carpets and we will see if we can make our KarnDean range work for your needs!