We walk on it, lie on it, stain it and drag out feet across it every morning on the way out the door. The floor may be the last thing on your DIY to-do list, but it should be the first, as old and degraded flooring can lead to health issues, stability concerns and brings down the overall aesthetic of an otherwise lovely or refreshed room. Before you close your wallet and put a hold on your spending for a few months, like anything DIY, it doesn’t need to cost the earth. Check out our three favourite flooring trends for this summer and early 2015.

Matte Finish Tiles

Carrying over from early this year, matte finishes and more earthen tones will become market stayers, as tiles replace wooden options and feature rugs spring into homes across Australia. If you can’t quite afford a naturally treated, wooden makeover, tiles are a cost effective solution and easily laid.

Effect: Soft and homely, ideal for light atmospheres and those who don’t like much upkeep (lighter tiles show up more dirt and wear).

Go Bold

Animal print is on the way out, so leave the zebra patterns on the shelves (or update if you indulged your wild side last season) and pick your favourite colour or style matching hue. Don’t be afraid to mix it up though, just because you have a style palette going doesn’t mean you can’t diversify and select a complementary colour to really make the room pop.

Effect: Dramatic and eye-catching. Be risky with deep blues and purples, experiment with reds or think about patterns. Whatever reflects your design personality.

Comfortable Textures

Think luxury, think soft; think about wiggling your toes and sighing as your tired feet hit your freshly laid, velvet pile carpet. Functional, it isn’t, so if you have shaggy pets or rambunctious kids, keep this trend for the master bedroom or rooms where mess and spills will be minimal. Stay away from stripes and spots, as these highlights rarely stay on the pulse and what may seem like a good idea now, will become something to replace later. Aim for classic, good quality and luxury – hot fibres include loop piles and multi-layered, woven carpets.

Effect: Opulence, style and sophistication. You’ll feel like royalty in your own home.

Whatever you decide, the first point you need to consider is your budget; the second is your space and the third, what you want to achieve. Bonus tip? Remember to consult a local Gold Coast flooring specialist for up-to-date advice and inside tips.