As one of the most popular flooring products, carpet is often at the front and centre of home renovation decisions. And usually, people focus their decisions on the regular varieties: wool, nylon, long pile, and short pile. But, increasingly, there’s another contender entering the ring: interlocking carpet tiles. They’re a quick and cheap fix, with quality to rival any alternative. Here are the six top benefits of interlocking carpet tiles.

First let’s look at the benefits of interlocking carpet tiles compared to regular carpet tiles

Before we go any further, it’s important to note that interlocking carpet tiles are no regular carpet tiles. They boast edges that are cut into tessellating patterns. The advantages of those patterns are twofold: first, it looks cool; and second, it doesn’t move. If conventional carpet tiles have put you off due to post installation movement, interlocking carpet tiles will no doubt pique your interest.

Affordability is the obvious benefit of interlocking carpet tiles: here’s how they save you money

Carpet tiles, interlocking or otherwise, have always held the title of most affordable carpeting solution. But have you ever wondered why they’re so affordable? There are a few not so obvious reasons, and most are connected to their convenient. First, interlocking carpet tiles are easier to transport than other carpet products, which saves money. Secondly, they’re easier to install, which means the cost of getting them in is lower too. Finally, they’re easier to manufacture, which mean you get a culmination of all three savings!

Creativity is another great benefit of interlocking carpet tiles: you can mix and match as you please

Carpet gives you nice, even colours and patterns throughout your home. But that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people prefer more eclectic designs. And when it comes to those designs, few products are easier to work with that interlocking carpet tiles. Simply choose a few different colours, and see what you can come up with!

Installation is one of interlocking carpet tiles’ big drawcards: here’s why

We mentioned earlier that installing interlocking carpet tiles is easy. But we’ve mentioned it again here, because it shouldn’t be understated! Installing interlocking carpet tiles is so straightforward that it’s a DIYer’s dream. The interlocking pattern is partly to thank for the ease of installation. The interlocking edges of the carpet tiles prevent them from moving, lifting, or sliding like regular carpet tiles. They even do so without the aid of glues! That means you can install interlocking carpet tiles yourself without any great difficulty.

Durability doesn’t always get a mention in terms of interlocking carpet tiles, but it should!

Durability isn’t always the first thing that people mention on the topic of interlocking carpet tiles. But we think it should be. High quality interlocking carpet tiles offer almost unrivalled durability. They have a tough base, hardwearing fibres, and the backing of major carpet manufacturers. If you’ve got any questions about their credentials in that regard, simply ask a supplier. Asking a reputable carpet supplier is a great way to work out exactly what makes interlocking carpet tiles so durable.

Variety: there are interlocking carpet tiles to suit any home decor

Finally, let’s talk home design. Home design is all about distinction, and interlocking carpet tiles offer exactly that. There are so many varieties to choose from, that the decision can be a tough one to make. Our advice is to head into a showroom and see for yourself. With so many varieties, getting some face to face contact is a good idea. It also allows you to feel the carpet fibres, the base, and the different sizes on offer. To find your nearest showroom, get in touch.

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