Carpet is an investment. You want your carpet to stick around well into the future. But it can seem like nothing more than a pipe dream when you throw in a few curve balls. Things like stains, wear, and fading can all make your carpet seem like no more than a short term solution. Luckily, that doesn’t have to be the case! With these five simply carpet maintenance tips, you can keep your carpet health well into the future.

Keep your carpet clean: vacuum regularly and well to maintain your carpet’s great condition

If you want to know what causes wear, you have to look at the root cause. And by that, we mean dirt, dust, and debris. Almost invisible to the naked eye, these little particles are as good as sandpaper when it comes to abrasion. Each time you walk over a patch of carpet with dust in it, those little particles get to work wearing away at your carpet’s fibres. That’s why a humble vacuum cleaner is your carpet maintenance tip number one! Frequent vacuuming gets rid of that extra carpet abrasion. Don’t underestimate the preservative effects of a thorough vacuum!

High traffic areas are the most at risk! Throw a rug over them, or move your furniture around

Of course, even if you rid your carpet of dust and sand, it’s still susceptible to foot traffic. In the same way as those tiny particles, our feet wear down on the carpet over time. Normally, that’s not a problem though. Our traffic is spread out across the whole carpet and it takes years – decades, even – for wear to show. That is, in low traffic areas. High traffic areas tell a different story. Spots around doorways and between furniture often bear the brunt of foot traffic. That’s why a rug in those areas is a great idea. Not only will it add some colour, but it will also take the edge off the regular living room traffic.

A more unusual carpet maintenance tip is to replace your air filters – here’s why

Air conditioners and carpets: we don’t normally associate the two. But there’s a very good reason why we should, and that reason is air filters. If your air conditioner’s filter is full, it will start circulating tiny dust particles throughout your home. And no matter how often you vacuum, your carpets will be dusty enough to notice. That’s why cleaning your air filters regularly is important. It can have a remarkable effect not just on your carpets, but on the cleanliness of your home as a whole.

The sun makes carpet maintenance harder – our tip is to install blinds!

How about fading? Fading is one of the more noticeable, and annoying, side effects of poor carpet maintenance. You can do everything right, and the carpet still seems to fade – that makes it particularly frustrating. But there’s an easy fix: blinds. Carpet fade is rarely a sign of wear or abrasion. It’s actually caused by sunlight. Direct sunlight fades the pigment of your carpet fibres. In reality, though, that’s a good thing – all you need to fix it is a good set of blinds. It’s a simple, set and forget fix!

Finally, get some carpet maintenance tips from the pros by calling in a professional clean

Of course, no matter how well you follow these carpet maintenance tips, you will need a professional clean at some point. Professional carpet cleans reach that lower layer of carpet fibre that we regular homeowners simply cannot. As a result, a professional clean will restore your carpet’s condition to as near-new as possible!

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