Vinyl flooring is fast emerging as a family favourite. We’re seeing it popping up everywhere from freshly renovated urban units, to brand-new family homes in the suburbs. So what is making it so popular and how do you choose vinyl flooring? Where do you even start? 

First, there’s its durability.

Vinyl flooring is as tough as nails, with great water and scratch resistance. Then there’s it’s affordability. Unlike tiles and timber, vinyl flooring offers exceptionally low prices, for exceptionally high quality. But perhaps the biggest drawcard of vinyl flooring is the diversity of its designs. Vinyl flooring comes in different colours, patterns, shades, and tones. That means there’s an option for absolutely everybody. So how can you choose? Take a look below!

How to choose vinyl flooring colour

As with any tough choice, you should always start by narrowing down your options. And what better place to do so than colour! Colour is the easiest thing to narrow down because you know what your options are, and you know what you don’t like already. So start swiping left on all the colours that don’t appeal to you. You’ll find your options quickly concentrating into the ones you can really get behind. Once you’ve got two to four colours in mind, move onto the next step.

There are different grades of vinyl flooring: Here’s what that means

If you’re new to the vinyl flooring scene, you might not have heard of grades. So let us catch you up. Vinyl flooring is graded according to its wear layer. Essentially, that means certain grades of vinyl flooring are a bit tougher than others. So wouldn’t you just go for the toughest? Well, not necessarily. The toughest grades of vinyl flooring are generally designed for commercial applications. You might find those grades in places like hospitals. Generally, they don’t offer many designs in those grades that are suitable for your home. And let’s face it, you probably won’t need something quite that heavy duty! We recommend looking at some of the more residential grades. Then think about how much strain you put on your floor. If you have small kids and pets, slight stronger grades are probably suitable for you.

Colour is one thing, but what about style? Here’s how to choose the vinyl flooring finish you love

By this stage, your decision might be starting to take shape. So let’s look at the different styles that are available. A lot of people aren’t familiar with just how many styles there are in terms of vinyl flooring. As a result, this might be the trickiest stage of your decision! In terms of styles, there are lots of natural ones on offer, so that’s a good place to start. There are varieties of vinyl flooring that perfectly emulate natural timbers, but in different shades – from light to dark. Picking one that you like is just a matter of matching the shades and styles with your desired décor.

How about placement? If you’re going vinyl flooring in some places and carpet in others, here’s what to do

What about placement? If you’re going for a vinyl and carpet combination, for example, how can you choose where to put the vinyl? That’s an easy one: think about wear. Vinyl is much more hardwearing than most flooring materials, including carpet. So it goes well in high traffic areas of your home, such as hallways and living spaces.

Finally, ask the experts how to choose the right vinyl flooring – they’ll know better than anyone

Even with all of the steps we’ve followed, you’re probably going to find yourself in a tie-break scenario. And making decisions, under those circumstances, is hard! That’s why we suggest calling in the experts. They’ll be able to give you some behind-the-scenes tips, and hopefully, make your choice easier. If you’re considering vinyl flooring on the Gold Coast, contact Ashmore Carpets today.