As we march headlong into another year, many homeowners will be focused on finishing off those leftover projects. Among them, the revered kitchen renovation. Most homeowners will look to renovate the kitchen at least once. After all, most appliances date quite quickly. But if there’s one thing we don’t want dating, it’s our kitchen floors. Flooring should be in it for the long run, so choosing well is vital. However, when it comes to kitchen flooring, there are more trends than stalwarts. How can you tell if a kitchen flooring material is hype or here to stay? To help answer that question, we’ve collected a few of 2019’s kitchen flooring trends, and added our two cents.

Getting the best of durability and affordability: vinyl is a top kitchen flooring trend!

When vinyl first arrived on the kitchen flooring scene, a lot of people dismissed it as a trend. Apparently, bad memories from that dated seventies vinyl were a little hard to shake. But, some years later, vinyl flooring is stronger than ever. New technology allows it to look great, and last a lifetime. No bad memories are stronger than the exceptional performance of vinyl flooring. For that reason, we reckon vinyl flooring is in it for the long run – it’s more than just a fleeting kitchen flooring trend. As far as we’re concerned, it’s well worth some consideration for your kitchen flooring.

If there’s one kitchen flooring trend that’s here to stay, it’s tile

You could hardly call tiles a kitchen flooring trend – they’ve been around for as long as kitchens have! But there are certain varieties of tile that tick the trend box: they’re new, innovative, and a little bit edgy. New kitchen tiling trends include large dark grey tiles, which are among the most prevalent entrants to the kitchen flooring scene. A far cry from the bright tiles we’re used to, these expansive, brooding tiles were a little hard to accept for some. Despite that, they’ve stuck around. And in the hands of a flooring experts, these new varieties of tile can leave your kitchen flooring looking better than ever.

Timber flooring looks great anywhere – here’s what else makes it a great kitchen flooring trend

Solid hardwood flooring is timeless – it simply never goes out of fashion. Yet somehow, designers and flooring specialists are always finding ways to tap into new appeal. The latest is light and bright timber kitchen flooring. For a sort of beachy feel, flooring specialists have been offering bleached hardwood kitchen flooring options. They offer all the durability and elegance of the more traditional darker timbers, but with an added bright spaciousness. If you’re looking for a complete overhaul in décor, bright timber flooring might be a kitchen trend worth following.

Laminate is an enduring kitchen flooring trend, but is it here for the long run?

Laminate burst onto the kitchen flooring scene as timber’s number one competitor. Needless to say, though, it is on the decline. Despite its aesthetic likeness of timber, and excellent affordability, it simply hasn’t managed to contend with some more waterproof options. As a kitchen flooring trend, laminate is still going strong – but it remains to be seen whether it outlasts its alternatives.

Engineered timber is the latest kitchen flooring trend: could it be the greatest as well?

One of the most popular alternatives to laminate is engineered timber – the latest in kitchen flooring trends. Engineered timber takes a thin veneer of hardwood, and places it over a backing made from ply. That saves on costs, and makes it that little bit more robust. It’s pretty hard to fault engineered timber, so we reckon it may become one of the more enduring kitchen flooring trends before long.

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