Timber floors accompany just about any home with flawless grace. Timber is one of Queensland’s most loved flooring materials. And when you see a perfect timber floor, it’s easy to see why. But timber is a unique material. It requires a little bit of extra care, compared to materials such as tiling.

That care is all worth it, though. The natural and unique finish that timber floors offer is simply inimitable. Better still, caring for timber floors isn’t even that hard. So let’s take a look at the different ways you can care for your timber floor.

Caring for timber floors starts with regular and gentle cleaning. Here’s what we recommend

As with everything, if you take care of timber floors they will take care of you. And what better place to start then a gentle clean. A simple vacuum once a week will work wonders on your timber floor. It’ll allow every grain to shine through, without a layer of dust obscuring it. But there’s more to the casual vacuum than meets the eye. Every particle of dust that rests on your timber floorboard acts abrasively. Over time, no matter how small the particles, dust will abrade at the shiny surface of your timber flooring. That’s why vacuuming is so helpful. By keeping the surface clean, you are reducing the wear and tear on your timber flooring.

Prevention is better than a cure! This is one way to care for your timber floors pre-emptively

Speaking of routine maintenance, there’s another preventative method you can employ to care for your timber floors. Simply head to your local hardware store, and pick up some adhesive felt furniture stickers. Those stickers adhere to the feet of couches, tables, and chairs, to prevent them from scratching your timber floor. Dust may be abrasive, but it’s nothing compared to a chair with the weight of a person on it! Furniture is one of the most destructive forces when it comes to timber flooring. But with a simple and cheap sticker, you can eliminate the issue altogether!

Some interior design can have numerous benefits – caring for timber floors is one of them! Here’s how

Interior design is great, but it’s not generally something you’d associate with timber floor care. However, decorative features such as rugs can serve two purposes. Firstly, and most obviously, they can add to your home décor! But secondly, and more importantly, they can protect your timber floor. By putting a rug under a table, or in a high traffic area, you can protect against scratches and wear.

Consider shifting your furniture around to redirect foot traffic through your house

If you don’t think a rug will quite fit your interior design, think about shifting your furniture around every now and then. Furniture placement generally determines where pedestrian traffic is directed in your home. So if you change the placement of your furniture periodically, you can help your timber floor wear more evenly. That will mean that when the time comes for a restoration, the process will be easier, and more consistent.

Finally, think about some special maintenance. Here’s how to care for deteriorating timber floors

Of course, everything needs some restoration after a while. No matter how well you protect your timber floor, it will need some extra special attention at some point. So if you’re timber flooring is looking particularly worn, consider getting professional help. Professional floor sanders can take off the worn and unsightly layer of your floor, and expose the beautiful, natural grain once again.

With an extra layer of varnish or polish, that floor will be good to go for another decade or two! That’s why we love timber flooring; no matter how hard you push it, it never takes more than sand and varnish to restore it to look new.

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