The Gold Coast is home to some of Australia’s most broad range of home designs, with an abundance of contemporary, traditional and classic homes throughout the coastal city. Something that homeowners across the Gold Coast consistently struggle with, however, is choosing the ideal flooring solution for their home.

There are many reasons to choose timber flooring for your Gold Coast home. When choosing flooring, you are likely to be looking for a material that is practical, durable and aesthetically appealing, and it is undeniable that timber offers all of these and more.  Timber is an incredibly versatile flooring solution and with a wide variety of timbers available throughout the Gold Coast, there is sure to be a timber flooring option to suit everyone. Timber suits the climatic features of the Gold Coast, as well as the diversity of the city’s architecture and it is sure to fit right in at your home, regardless of its design.

Choosing the right timber

There are many varieties of timber available across the Gold Coast and southeast Queensland and this means that you should take some time consider precisely which type of timber would best suit you. An easy way to distinguish certain varieties of timber from each other is by colour. Darker timbers usually come from hardwood trees and are often heavy and very durable. These types of timbers are popular in older homes or homes with a more traditional design ambience. Alternatively, timbers of a lighter shade, including pine and bamboo, are often popular in more contemporary home designs across the Gold Coast. That being said, there is no set rule about which timbers suit which home designs. The timber you choose is definitely a matter of personal opinion and all timbers, regardless of their colour, offer fantastic durability and can be worked into almost all home designs flawlessly.

Some advantages of timber flooring

Timber is a timeless building material and has been used in flooring for centuries, which is a testament to its quality and versatility, amongst other things. There is an almost endless list of advantages of why to choose timber flooring, however three stand out with respect to the Gold Coast.

Design appeal

Timber is popular as a flooring material in all manner of home designs. Interior designers, builders, draftsmen and architects alike favour timber for its versatile aesthetic appeal. You can treat it and lay it in various ways to make its appearance unique and suitable to your home. It can be treated in a minimalistic way for a natural and organic ambience, or polished and treated in a sleek, dark way for a more formal or classic appearance. It is entirely up to you how you utilise the design properties of timber, but it is always a good idea to speak to an expert to ensure that you are getting the best timber flooring for your home.


Timber is popular also for very practical reasons and one in particular is relevant to the Gold Coast. Being a subtropical environment, the Gold Coast is prone to hot summers and with inappropriate flooring your home can become uncomfortably hot. This demands more air conditioner use and consequently more energy consumption. With timber flooring, however, your home will remain breezy and mild due to the insulating properties of timber. When winter comes timber will serve to the same effect, promoting a mild temperature in your home and making sure that you don’t have the burden of uncomfortably cold floors in winter.


Perhaps the greatest attribute of timber however, is its durability. High quality timber from a specialist supplier will come with a high quality coating and this serves as an effective safeguard against scratches and marks. The quality of your timber flooring will also be improved if its installed by an experience professional, to ensure the upmost care is taken. Finally, if you do choose timber flooring and find your timber floor is looking a little dull after a few years, it can easily be restored to an immaculate condition, which adds to its functionality overall.

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