Winter is the perfect time to refresh your Gold Coast apartment with new carpets. It’s off-season for the holiday crowd and cooler temperatures make it so much easier for getting design work done. Whether your apartment is sporting some seriously outdated tiles or you’re looking to make some seasonal money on AirBnB, new carpets are one of the easiest ways to breathe new life into a room.

Ashmore Carpets is just the place to find the perfect new floor to suit any home and budget. With a whole range of stunning styles and colours, your home will look a million bucks in no time! Check out our list of reasons why carpet is the perfect choice for your Gold Coast apartment recharge.

Why choose carpet?

There are many good reasons to choose carpets for your Gold Coast apartment. We’ve picked the 5 best ones to help you reach the right decision!

  1. Carpet has brilliant transformative properties. Changing the flooring of your apartment completely alters the look and feel of your property without totally breaking the bank. Any room that’s carpeted gives off a comfortable, inviting vibe. Choosing a different colour can even give a room a whole different character; change a minimalist space into a cosy, relaxing room by adding warm colours to your flooring.
  2. Carpet is easily cleaned and maintained. Today’s quality carpets trap dust particles in the spaces between fibre tufts, where they’re easily reached and disposed of by vacuuming. This means they don’t aggravate asthma or allergies. Carpet also hides surface dirt, so you don’t really need to clean it as often as you would other floorings. There’s even new stain-resistant synthetic fibres on the market to make cleaning less of a chore.
  3. Carpet is long lasting, luxurious and insulating. Top quality carpet can last for 10-15 years, so you definitely get your money’s worth. Carpet muffles footsteps and noise, as well as cushioning little bottoms when they take a tumble, making it great for families. It also holds warmth and insulates against extreme cold and heat, which is great for the Gold Coast weather. There’s nothing better than sinking cold toes into soft carpet on a winter’s day.
  4. Carpet gives you so much choice. From three different types of fibres to a massive range of colours, patterns, textures and designs, carpet is so versatile. It changes the whole ambiance of your home and gives you the opportunity to add subtle or dramatic splashes of personality.
  5. Carpet is easier, faster and cheaper to install than other types of flooring. In Australia, most rooms average around 15 to 18 square metres, with good quality carpeting setting you back around $300 to $400 per room. Carpet also takes much less time to install than other types of flooring such as hardwood or vinyl.

Styles and colours

Nowadays, carpets can be used as a neutral background or a vibrant focal point, depending on the choices you make.

In recent years, innovative manufacturing techniques have diversified the range and types of carpet styles available – from swirls to bows, lattices, plaids, pin dots and fleurs-de-lis, there’s something to suit all tastes.  The choice of colours is endless, too, meaning your choice can reflect your unique personality and the image or tone you want to project.

Varying styles and colours can add interest to any room, especially when they’re used in contrast with other patterns and textures, such as those on the furniture or the window treatments. Match, blend or contrast – the choice is yours and the results can be stunning.

When you’re looking for carpet stores on the Gold Coast, you can’t go past Ashmore Carpets. With a beautiful range of carpets available, from classic neutral tones to bold, bright statement pieces, you’re sure to find something ideal for your apartment refresh. Contact us for helpful advice about apartment designs.

Visit Ashmore Carpets and transform your Gold Coast apartment with luxury carpets today!