Carpet is a fantastic floor covering that offers many advantages to homeowners across Queensland. Not only does carpet look great, it also comes in a wide variety of colours and styles, which allows you to diversify your home’s interior décor and achieve a unique and specific look that suits you. Beyond its aesthetic advantages, carpet offers many practical benefits that make it perfect for many Queensland homes. Perhaps the most notable advantage of carpets are their comfort.

Carpet is great for chilly winter mornings, when other flooring solutions might be uncomfortably cold and it is also quite comfortable underfoot, as it is not as firm or harsh as tiling or cement. Another considerable and practical benefit to carpet is the ease with which it can be installed. Unlike many other floor coverings, carpet can be installed quite easily and this is likely to save you time and money on installation costs. Carpet is also quite easy to maintain and with five simple carpet maintenance tips, you can keep your carpet in perfect condition.

Frequently use carpet protector

The first step to a healthy and clean carpet is to protect it with the right product. Carpet protectors come in a number of different varieties and they are designed to prevent substances being absorbed into your carpet. For example if you were to spill a glass of wine on your brand new carpet without carpet protector, it would be absorbed almost instantly and as a result, it would be challenging to remove the stain. With carpet protector however, the wine would not penetrate the carpet as quickly and you would have an opportunity to try and soak up some of the spill and minimise the stain. Good carpet can be quite an investment and carpet protector is a simple and quick way to safeguard your investment against spills and stains.

Leave stain removal agents for a while

Unfortunately, even with carpet protector, it is possible that you will get a stain on your carpet. This might be disappointing, however there are many products available to remove carpet stains and if used correctly, they can be quite effective. The key to getting the most out of your carpet stain remover is to let it sit for a while. The stain remover works by penetrating the carpet fibres and lifting the stain by means of a chemical reaction. The longer you allow this to happen, the more effective it will usually be.

Frequently vacuum your carpet

As the saying goes, prevention is always better than a cure and it is not different when it comes to carpet maintenance. Regularly vacuuming your carpet will ensure that small particles of dust and dirt do not cause it to deteriorate quickly and it will also keep it in better condition. Doing this will make your carpet look better and feel better underfoot, whilst also increasing its lifespan and safeguarding against fading and degradation.

Schedule regular deep-cleans

Even with the right protection and frequent vacuuming, it is possible for carpet to become a little discoloured or dirty however fortunately, addressing this is quite straightforward with a deep clean. There are many different types of carpet deep cleans and perhaps the most popular is steam cleaning, which uses jets of steam to penetrate deep into the fibres of the carpet and lift dirt, stains and grease effectively.

Seek professional help if necessary

The best piece of advice for anyone with carpet is to know when to seek professional help. Some stains or damage to your carpet might simply be beyond your control, however with the help of a professional you can ensure that your carpet is restored to optimum condition.

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