Every year, we love looking at the latest flooring trends as they emerge. They’re bold, exciting, different, and enticing. But why do living room flooring trends always differ a bit from other parts of the house? The answer is simpler than you might think. Living rooms bear the brunt of domestic foot traffic. That means living room flooring has to be tough. In addition, it also has to be good looking.

Whenever there are guests over, the living room gets a workout. You want your guests to be impressed by the calibre of your living room flooring! Not to worry though, with these flooring trends, you’ll be impressed every time you walk into the living room.

Bleached timber vinyl flooring is a top living room trend in 2019 flooring – here’s why

Vinyl is a flooring trend across the board. It’s hardwearing, good looking, and exceedingly affordable. It’s also easy to install. But it comes in so many different colours, patterns, shades, and qualities. That made it hard for us to pick a 2019 frontrunner, in terms of living room flooring trends. But after careful consideration, we landed on bleached timber vinyl. It really has emerged as one of the more popular 2019 vinyl options. It offers a sort of relaxed beach vibe with its pale shades. But it also stays true to the unique patterns of natural timber.

Natural timber always occupies a space in top flooring trends – and it suits any living room!

Speaking of natural timber, every year’s flooring trends have to give a nod to the original flooring material itself. This year, the natural timber of choice seems to be native redwoods. They can dress up, or dress down depending on how you like them. But in either case, their depth, elegance, and durability is something you simply can’t ignore. Of course, they’re not exactly at the cheap end of the spectrum! So if you’re set on this 2019 living room flooring trend, you might have to shop around for the best balance of quality and cost.

Bold carpets are a feature in this year’s living room flooring trends: it’s stunning when done right

Bold carpets took a rest for a while, but they’re coming back! Often, flooring trends are centred on more subdued colours and tones. However, there is always space for a celebration of colour and vibrancy. And what better place for such a celebration that the living room? With a carefully cultivated colour scheme, you can combine a bright living room pop, with more neutral tones across the bedrooms and kitchen. That creates a focal feeling in your living room, which will often enliven parties in ways you won’t even realise.

Darker flooring colours are making their way into 2019 living room trends

On the other end of the spectrum is the darker flooring trends. 2019 has seen an emergence of a dedicated dark-floor following, and it’s not as sinister as it sounds! Dark greys, natural stone colours, and dyed timbers are all interesting and comforting flooring options. Be warned though, they can make small spaces feel a little too snug!

Bamboo: it’s affordable, stunning, and a definite living room frontrunner in 2019 flooring trends

Finally, let’s take a look at one of the real winners in 2019’s living room flooring trends: bamboo! Bamboo is a great natural timber flooring product that combines all the practical benefits you could want. It is eco-friendly, affordable, tough, and most importantly, good looking. With an interesting pale colour and unique natural grain, bamboo flooring has a well-earned place on living room floors across Australia. For more information on its benefits, we recommend getting in touch with the experts.