At some point, almost every homeowner faces the challenge of choosing a good flooring solution. With so many options available it can be hard to choose, however there is one solution that stands above the rest: Karndean flooring. Karndean flooring is perfectly adapted to unique needs of homeowners throughout Queensland and it is among the most affordable flooring solutions on the market.

Karndean flooring is essentially a vinyl product that comes in tiles or planks and is designed to emulate the finish and texture of natural flooring solutions. It achieves this to great effect and even offers a few advantages over some natural flooring alternatives. Karndean is great for your home and will guarantee a designer finish, with hardwearing durability and great value for money. It is also popular in investment and rental properties, as it provides an appealing, durable finish and is easily maintained.

Karndean flooring is an affordable, great looking flooring solution

One of the major reasons for the popularity of Karndean flooring is its appearance. Karndean flooring perfectly replicates all kinds of natural flooring solutions, from timber flooring to slate and anything in between. At only a fraction of the cost of the natural option, Karndean flooring is far more accessible to Queensland homeowners and it is growing in popularity each year. As well as offering competitive prices, Karndean flooring is actually more suitable for many Queensland homes than natural flooring solutions.

Flooring options like hardwoods and slate are not only more expensive, but also higher maintenance and this can be problematic in the hot and humid environment of Queensland. With so many advantages, it is no wonder that Karndean flooring is fast becoming one of Queensland’s most popular flooring solutions. Its popularity is expected to increase further as well, so it is a good idea to look into Karndean if you are in the market for new flooring solutions.

Three advantages of Karndean Flooring

There are countless advantages to Karndean flooring and some of these have already been listed above. When it comes to the specific features that make Karndean perfect for almost every home, however, there are three that stand out.


Being of vinyl composition, Karndean flooring is extremely durable and hardwearing. Unlike many natural alternatives, it will resist scratches and stains quite effectively and maintain an appealing finish for many years. As well as this, it is more water resistant than many timber flooring solutions and does not require periodic sanding or varnishing. Simply have it installed and rest assured that it will not swell or split. This makes Karndean an ideal solution for Gold Coast homes and homes across Queensland as a whole, where rain and humidity often damage timber floors.

Easily maintained

The easy maintenance of Karndean floors makes them a popular choice in family homes and investment properties alike. All they require is sweeping and a gentle mop with warm water, and your Karndean floor will maintain its remarkable finish for a long time. This is great for saving time and it also ensures that you do not have to worry about your tenants, as the durability and easy maintenance of Karndean floors allow them to withstand a great deal of stress. It is important not to use products containing ammonia or animal fat, however, as these substances can damage your Karndean flooring.

Great variety of natural finishes

Normally, homeowners are restricted in their choice of natural flooring options by prices. Natural flooring solutions come with a premium price tag and this means that you mightn’t be able to get the exact floor you are looking for. With Karndean floors however, this is not the case. Karndean floors have a wide variety of natural finishes on offer, from slate to hardwood and many more. All options are among the most affordable on the market and this means that your ideal finish is easily attainable.

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