Are you looking for the perfect carpet solution, but can’t find the one for you? Carpet tiles might be the solution. They are fantastic floor coverings that are beginning to dominate the market in Queensland.

There are many benefits to carpet tiles and their versatility is widely recognised as second to none. The advantages are many and varied, which is why we have compiled a list of five reasons to install carpet tiles in your home.

#1 Excellent durability

Carpet tiles are far more durable than standard carpets. They are designed with a solid vinyl backing and this makes them robust and durable, without compromising the underfoot feel. In fact, the vinyl backing is so durable that it makes them waterproof. As a result of this, they are very easy to clean and it is not uncommon for people to reuse carpet tiles.

With such a durable design, carpet tiles make for a great long term investment. This durability is recognised by many business owners who have fitted carpet tiles in their commercial buildings. With such great durability, carpet tiles are perfect for commercial applications, as well as homes.

#2 They come in a wide range of colours and patterns

We know that you are looking for more than just durability in your floor covering, however. Appearance is just as important as durability and carpet tiles offer both. With a wide range of colours and patterns, carpet tiles can adapt to suit any interior décor. Even if you have the most specific of visions for your floor, carpet tiles can meet your aesthetic needs.

Because they come as individual tiles, you can very easily select different colours for different rooms and areas of your house. This gives you a little more freedom than conventional carpet, which is usually standard throughout the entire house.

#3 They are very easy to install

It’s one thing to choose the right carpet, but installing it is another issue entirely. You have to ensure that your floor is completely level and for most, professional help is a must. With carpet tiles however, installation has never been easier. Because carpet tiles come in small, manageable squares, they can easily be installed to suit your interior floor plan.

As well as this, some carpet tiles come with self-adhesive backing, which makes their installation as straightforward as possible. Carpet tiles eliminate the need for powerful glues and adhesives that can damage your floor. This means that with the right tools, you can take charge of your next carpeting project.

#4 They offer a wide range of design options

Because it takes many carpet tiles to cover a floor, you are not limited to a single colour or pattern. This encourages creativity and allow you to very easily add a personal touch to your floor. You can merge different colours and patterns, or even create your own geometric patterns. With a wide range of colours to choose from and an entire floor to work with, you can create unique and striking designs with ease.

#5 They are very easy to maintain

Because of their durable and waterproof nature, carpet tiles are easily maintained. They are not secured with glue, which means that you can easily remove them when maintenance is required. In fact, carpet tiles allow you to perform preventative maintenance.

For example if you see damaged or excessively worn areas of carpet, you can swap them with other tiles that have not been worn. If the damage is too great, you can very easily replace the tiles altogether. This makes maintenance cheaper, as well as easier.

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