Gold Coast homes are renowned for having some of the most unique styling in Queensland and homeowners are looking for the perfect flooring solution to go with their homes. There are many flooring options available, ranging from carpet, to hard wood and tiles. Not all are suitable for the coastal, laid back conditions of the area. Some homeowners find certain types of hardwood floors a bit too classical for their homes, while others find carpet to be a bit high maintenance for the conditions. Of course, flooring is a matter of personal preference, but there is one standout solution: bamboo flooring.

Bamboo flooring combines a range of unique features that make it perfect for a majority of Gold Coast homes. Bamboo is a relatively pale timber and this often creates a light and breezy ambience for your home. Furthermore, bamboo offers fantastic durability, making it a long-term solution.

Why is bamboo so durable?

Although it may not look like it, bamboo is actually closely related to grass and this makes it durable in many circumstances. In fact, the bamboo plant itself is famous for its hardwearing nature and it is known to resist extreme climate conditions, insects and even diseases. Similarly, bamboo has a higher tensile strength than many alloys of steel, which is a testament to its durability. This durability is carried through to it application as a flooring solution and this is partly due to the way in which bamboo flooring is prepared.

Bamboo flooring is actually compressed before it is sold, and this process makes it just as solid as any other hardwood floor. One advantage of compressed bamboo flooring over other hardwoods is its water resistance. Bamboo is far more water resistant than most timber floors, although it is still susceptible to water damage in some cases.

What are some other advantages to bamboo flooring?

Bamboo flooring is famed for its strength, but that is not its only selling point. Bamboo has many advantages over other flooring solutions and a few of these are listed below.

Aesthetic appeal

Many timber flooring solutions are quite dark and this is certainly the case for hardwood floors. Some homeowners are looking for brighter, more upbeat flooring and as a result, they are turned off the idea of timber floors. With bamboo however, you get the best of both worlds. Bamboo is quite a pale timber and it is often used as a substitute for tiles or carpet. Its light shade makes it popular in modern contemporary homes and it is therefore perfect for many Gold Coast houses.


When compared to many other hardwood alternatives, bamboo is quite cost effective. Unlike some timber floorings such as jarrah or red gum, bamboo grows very rapidly. In fact, the bamboo plants used to make bamboo flooring take just five years to mature. This means that they are abundantly available and far cheaper than almost all hardwood alternatives. This means that you get the advantages of a tough, durable and great looking timber floor for as little as half the price of some timber flooring alternatives.


Not only does the rapid growth of bamboo make it affordable, it also makes it sustainable. Hardwood flooring products are often sourced from native trees such as jarrah or red gum, and these trees take many years to mature. As a result, it is difficult to source some hardwoods. In contrast, bamboo can be grown quickly and easily as it takes a mere five years to mature. Because of this, bamboo can be harvested in a very sustainable manner, making it cheaper and more environmentally friendly for you.

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