When it comes to choosing flooring, there is a lot to consider. You have price, appearance, durability and more to take into account. But what about your pet? Pets are family members and chances are, they’ll use the floor more than anyone! So it’s important that you have a look at your pet friendly flooring options before you make a decision. To help you out, we have listed some pet friendly flooring options along with their pros and cons.

Tiled flooring: the most durable pet friendly flooring option

If you’re talking durability, you really can’t go past tiles. They last forever! If you have a big dog, sharp claws can scratch up timber floors. But tiles are completely immune – not even the biggest dog could leave a mark on some good quality tiles. Another great advantage is cleaning; tiles are very easy to clean and they don’t stain. So if your dog or cat brings something in that they shouldn’t have, it won’t be an issue. No stains, no absorption, no worries. But there is comfort and traction to think about. Tiles can get cold and your pets might have trouble getting good grip when they walk. So if you live in a cold house or have an energetic animal, you might want to have a look at some of our other options.

Do you want timber flooring? There are still some pet friendly flooring options for you!

Have you got your heart set on some beautiful hardwood flooring? If so, there are some still some pet friendly flooring options to suit. Generally speaking, the harder the better – at least when it comes to pet friendly flooring. Harder varieties of timber flooring will resist scratches and damage a little bit better. But, as with all timber, they don’t get along particularly well with moisture. So keep an eye out for any suspicious puddles – they can discolour the timber if you don’t move fast. But don’t worry too much; timber is fairly easy to restore.

Carpet: the most comfortable of all pet friendly flooring options!

You probably know firsthand that carpet feels the best underfoot. It is warm in winter, cool in summer and so pleasantly soft! And if you enjoy, imagine how much your pet will. Carpeted flooring is one of your most pet friendly flooring options in terms of comfort. But it can be a little tricky to clean. Generally speaking, carpet is a pet friendly flooring option for cats and smaller dogs. Larger dogs that spend more time outside are more likely to bring in some dirt or mud, which can be hard to get out. However, with the right care, good quality carpet will retain its showroom plushness for a long time.

Vinyl: durable and affordable pet friendly flooring

When you’re talking pet friendly flooring options, vinyl has to rate a mention. It is hardwearing, affordable and diverse. In fact, you can get vinyl flooring that emulates the appearance of timber almost perfectly! Better still, it’s quite water resistant and it doesn’t stain nearly as easily as timber does. But it’s important to keep up the care, or else your vinyl flooring may deteriorate and fall victim to the sharp claws of your pet. Don’t worry though – quality vinyl flooring is tough and easy to clean. Even the most active animals with struggle to make a mark!

Bamboo flooring: environmentally friendly and pet friendly!

Finally, we have bamboo flooring – an environmentally and pet friendly flooring option. Bamboo grows quickly and is easy to harvest, which means that no natural forests are destroyed to get it. It is also tough – with a hard surface and high tensile strength, your pets will have to work very hard to get the better of it. Better still, it’s a very affordable timber flooring option – you get the best of everything!

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