When it comes to interior design, trends come and go. Everything from wall hangings to furniture seems to run on a big trending cycle. It’s hard to keep up, right? Not always! Flooring trends are often more established. And why shouldn’t they be – floors are there for the long run after all! So if you’re looking a redoing your floor, or perhaps building a new one altogether, we have some flooring trends for you!

#1 Dark carpets are leading the list of 2017 flooring trends!

If you’re anything like us, you probably grew up with various shades of white carpets around the home. In fact, beige, cream, and white all seem to dominate the world of carpets. And hey, they look pretty good. But times are changing and we are all getting a little bit more adventures. More and more colours of carpet are entering the mainstream. And our favourite for 2017 is dark carpet! Dark carpet is, surprisingly, a relatively recent flooring trend. But it really makes you wonder what has taken so long! For a sleek and subdued look, try dark carpeting in your home.

#2 As far as flooring trends go, dark timber has always rated a mention. But how dark?

So we know dark carpet is popular among flooring trends, but what about dark timber? We know, it sounds like we are a bit late to the party on that one – dark timber floors have been around for years, right? Not like this they haven’t! We are talking very dark timber – almost to the point of being black. It’s an interesting look, but it’s not for everyone. Who are we to judge though – if you’re interested in something different, check it out!

#3 Vinyl flooring: Cost effective flooring trends for the shrewd investor!

Property prices: they are the talk of the town. Almost every town, in fact. But what does this mean for flooring trends? Well, quite a lot actually. Great prices have meant more property investors are coming to the party. With them, they are bringing flooring trends that are centred on cost and durability. And what ticks those boxes more than vinyl flooring? Vinyl flooring is one of the absolute best flooring trends for those of you who want to get more bang for your buck!

#4 Natural timber flooring is as popular as ever!

We’ve gone a little avant-garde with our flooring trends so far. So let’s get back to basics: natural timber. Natural timber is a flooring trend as old as flooring itself! Why change something that has worked for centuries? There’s no need! But you can always add to it a little. Different techniques have allowed us to really highlight natural timber beauty, and a lot of the latest flooring trends focus on this. And believe us, there’s a lot to focus on!

#5 So we know vinyl flooring is one of the most economical flooring trends, but how does it look?

We feel as though maybe we should dive a bit deeper into vinyl flooring trends. When we mentioned it, your mind probably turned to those old-school vinyl floors of the 80s. How can that be trendy? That might not be, but the new vinyl floors are in a whole new league! These floors emulate timber finishes perfectly, with more colours to choose from that you would believe! So see for yourself!

#6 Polished concrete: Flooring trends for the urban look!

Would this list of flooring trends be complete without some mention of polished concrete? Of course not! Polished concrete is the edgy urban look that really gives a refined commercial feel to your home. But it’s hard to pull off; lots of homes simply aren’t designed for polished concrete flooring. Is yours? If so, it’s worth some thought!

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