The holiday season is filled with guests, gifts and celebrations. Sounds like fun right? But it can come at a price. The added foot traffic, extra food and that extra glass of wine can all culminate in a carpet stain. So how do you care for your carpet this holiday season? We know that time is precious in the lead up to Christmas, so we have made a short list of our best carpet care tips. Have a read and rest assured that this holiday season doesn’t have to be the last for your carpet!

Christmas carpet care tips: clean your carpet before guests arrive!

This tip seems like a pretty obvious one – after all, every homeowner spends the weeks leading up to Christmas cleaning away. But there’s more to this carpet care tip than meets the eye. Sure, cleaning your carpet is important to keep it looking nice for your visitors. But cleaning your carpet also keeps it in good condition. And that goes right down to the fibres. If your carpet has a lot of dirt or dust, the fibres can becomes scratched and damaged; those small particles are quite abrasive! Damaged fibres are more likely to absorb spilled drinks and are therefore more likely to stain. So by cleaning your carpet beforehand, you can make your post-party clean up a lot easier!

Carpet care tips can be simple too: politely ask your guests to remove their shoes

With so many people enjoying your home this holiday season, it hardly seems fair that you should do all the work! So why not ask everyone to pitch in. After all, it is the season for giving. And it doesn’t take much; simply ask your guests to remove their shoes before they come in. A lot of people will anyway. This small step can help keep dirt and dust out of your carpets. And as we know from the previous tip, that will keep your carpet healthy and harder to stain.

Spills happen – especially during Christmas! When they do, blot the stain immediately

In all the excitement of a big Christmas get-together, spilt drinks are often pretty unavoidable. There’s just nothing you can do a lot of the time. So it’s all down to how you react. The first step is to stay calm – it’s still fixable. Simply get a damp sponge or paper towel and dab gently at the stain. It’s important not to scrub at it, as this will make the stain bigger. Dabbing gently absorbs the stain without pushing it further into the fibres.

The most important of our carpet care tips is to have a plan for dealing with stains

So you’ve arranged for a professional carpet clean before your Christmas party. Everything is set – what now? We suggest making a plan for dealing with carpet stains. It doesn’t have to be anything too serious – simply buy some carpet stain removal products and have a sponge or paper towel on standby. Remember, when dealing with carpet stains, time is of the essence.

Christmas isn’t all about carpet care tips: make a plan and don’t stress – stains usually come out!

Carpet care is important, but it’s not the only thing you have to worry about. Don’t get too caught up in trying to keep your carpet perfect this holiday season. Once you’ve set everything up, you’ve done all that you can. Don’t let a spilt glass of wine or some dropped cherries spoil your holiday! Stains normally come out and if you have followed some of these tips, you are in a good position already. And a professional carpet cleaning is normally enough to move even the most stubborn of stains.

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