5 Innovative Ways To Reuse

No matter how well you care for your carpet, there will come a time where an upgrade is necessary.  But if you’ve every re-carpeted before, you’ll know that it creates a lot of waste! Piles and piles of old carpet simply seem like too much to throw away.

Surely there’s some way you can reuse old carpets.  In fact, there are plenty. Old carpets can be quite useful for a number of different applications.  So let’s run through a couple now.

Soundproofing: You can reuse your old carpet to help soundproof washing machines – here’s how

Have you ever put on a load of washing at night, and struggled to sleep with the sounds of your washing machine bouncing around? Washing machines are arguably the loudest standard appliance in the home.  If you’ve got a downstairs laundry, that won’t be too much of an issue.  But if your washing machine is within earshot of your bedroom, you need some soundproofing solutions.

And what better than old carpet? Often, all it takes is a large square of old carpet beneath your washing machine.  That is usually enough to stop any noisy movement of the machine itself.  If you need more sound absorption, simply place a panel of old carpet on the wall behind the machine as well.

Got pets? A great way to reuse old carpet is in dog kennels – here’s why

Keeping our furry friends comfortable is always going to be a priority. But in the depths of winter, there’s always a chance that the dog kennel alone won’t cut it. Luckily, old carpet offers the perfect solution: winter insulation for your dog kennel! Lining the floor, walls, and ceiling of your dog’s kennel with old carpet will significantly enhance its warmth.  No doubt, when winter rolls around, your furry friend will thank you.

You can reuse old carpet to make scratching posts for your cat!

Speaking of furry friends, reusing old carpet is a good way to keep your cat from scratching up the couch! Simply purchase a post, and place it on a stable timber base.  Then, get some contact adhesive, and wrap old carpet around the post.  And there you have it: a DIY scratching post that your feline friend is sure to love.

fYou don’t have to stop there, either.  You can make a more elaborate cat run by reusing old carpet.  Simply get some chicken wire, and create a sheltered backyard run for your cat. You can add carpet panels for your cat to scratch, along with carpeted platforms and hidey holes.  Make sure it’s protected from the rain though!

You can cut small pieces from old carpet to help protect your timber floors from furniture scratches

Felt pads are a great solution to stop furniture from scratching timber floors.  But felt doesn’t always offer the durability you need.  As a result, felt pads can wear away without you realising, and allow your furniture to scratch and mark your timber floors.  Old carpet, on the other hand, is very tough.  It may have passed through its first life, but its second will likely be just as long! All you need to do is cut small pads of old carpet, turn it upside down so the soft side is touching the floor, and glue it to chair, table, and sofa legs.

Contact the experts to see if there’s any way to revive and reuse your old carpet

Of course, reusing old carpet is only necessary if your old carpet needs replacing.  So before you go cutting up your old carpet, see if some professional help won’t liven it up a little.  Get in touch with the professionals today.