Office Flooring

Office layout, design, and function are all top priorities when it comes to office fit-outs. But what about flooring? Office flooring has the capacity to tie everything together. It can make your office more productive, and more appealing. It can be an economical decision, too, when you choose the right office flooring. For those reasons, it’s worth making your choice of office flooring count. But how do you do that? With these tips, of course!

Consider the function: what physical characteristics do you need from your office flooring?

Let’s start with function. Your office is a practical space. Productivity is a must, to keep your business moving forward. And we think every aspect of your office should reflect that. But how can flooring have function? Let’s look at some examples. Medical offices often opt for durable and easy-to-clean surfaces such as vinyl. That allows them to keep hygiene at its highest.

Larger commercial spaces often opt for carpet tiles, which are durable, easy to replace, and affordable. That allows them to manage the significant foot traffic, and large floorplan found in the bigger office spaces. Boutique offices, on the other hand, choose ambiance above cost, as they need only to cover smaller areas. From those examples, one thing is clear: your office’s functional priorities weigh heavily on flooring choices!

How about comfort – do your employees spend long periods on their feet on the office flooring?

Most offices adopt the conventional desk approach, with seated workers. In those cases, you may prefer to opt for slightly harder, but more affordable flooring. But what about offices in which walking and standing are common? In those sorts of offices, your flooring choices may be better placed in softer coverings. You might consider a slightly increased pile in your carpet, for the sake of keeping your employees comfortable on their feet. Alternatively, you may preference a shorter pile for seated employees, to allow for easier movement of office chairs. They may seem small considerations, but these little choices can make big differences!

Entice customers and clients: office flooring needs to look good – here’s how to ensure it does

Of course, it’s not all about you and your employees! Customers and clients need to be catered for, with every decision of your office fit out! Of course, that includes flooring. The best example of that is boutique offices. A lot of boutique offices have a higher focus on interpersonal client engagement. Larger offices may consult more online, or by phone. But many smaller offices place greater weight on face-to-face service. That is often reflected, believe it or not, in the flow they choose! For example, boutique offices suited in older buildings often opt for timber or classically carpeted floors. Sure, they may cost a little extra than carpet tiles, but they contribute to the old-building-ambiance, and entice clients.

Carpet vs timber: cost is an important tie-breaker when it comes to choosing office flooring!

That leads nicely into the ultimate tie breaker in office flooring choices: cost! At the end of the day, you have to stay on budget. All the above considerations are important, but you can only choose the office flooring options that your budget allows. So let’s take a quick look at some of the budget-friendly options. Flooring tiles are an obvious standout here. They’re inexpensive to buy and install. And better still, they’re easy to maintain and replace! They have a lot of great designs, too, so they do have a lot to offer. If you’re on a tight budget for your office fit out, carpet tiles are a great starting point.

Flooring and design are linked inextricably – that’s why recommend calling the pros into your office

Flooring and design: they go hand in hand. So why shoulder all the responsibility alone? We all know how important office design is. And with flooring playing such a big part, it’s worth calling in the big guns. Get in touch with the flooring specialists today.