Vinyl Vs Laminate1

So you’ve ruled out carpets, and you’ve ruled out tiles. What remains? Vinyl and timber. Both products offer similar looks and can create similar ambiance in a home. Of course, timber is the traditional choice and has been for centuries.

But vinyl is definitely on the move up. Surely there has to be a reason for its increasing popularity, right? When it comes to the challenging conundrum of vinyl vs timber flooring, we think there are a few tie-breakers that lean towards vinyl. Here’s our take.

Vinyl vs timber flooring: the cost 

Flooring often comes later in the construction or renovation process – after all the invasive works are done. And that makes sense – you don’t want your new flooring damaged by tools, tradies, or heavier-than-usual traffic. However, it also presents a unique problem: budgeting. Even if you had initially planned on getting timber flooring, unexpected costs might arise before you have the chance to get it put in.

After all, building and renovation projects are famously unpredictable like that. As a result, cost could become a bigger factor in your decision as your project progresses. That might have you confronting the vinyl vs timber decision unexpectedly. If it does, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Vinyl is mostly a lot cheaper than timber, which we believe is one of its primary drawcards.

Aesthetic appeal is important: here’s how vinyl compares to timber

Of course, aesthetic appeal plays a close second to cost. And when it comes to aesthetic appeal, most people have strong views in terms of vinyl vs timber. From the standpoint of consensus, most people would agree that timber offers some aesthetic advantages over vinyl. But we think there’s more to it than that.

As vinyl flooring has become more and more popular, its quality has really taken off.  Now, you can find vinyl flooring in textures, colours, and tones almost entirely indistinct from real timber. That means, from an aesthetic perspective, there’s a smaller gap than you may imagine.

Vinyl vs timber in flooring durability: vinyl has to take this category, but timber puts up a fight!

Durability is a big one in the vinyl vs timber flooring debate. But we think it’s hard to overlook the toughness and durability of vinyl. Vinyl flooring resists water quite well, and it’s very resistant to scratching. That means it’s likely to be lower maintenance and longer lasting than timber. However, timber can be sanded and recoated to bring it back to its showroom glory, which is certainly an advantage. As to the victor – you decide!

Can you combine vinyl and timber flooring? Here’s what we reckon

For those who can’t choose, the question might arise as to whether you can combine timber and vinyl. Rather than pitting one against the other in a vinyl vs timber flooring showdown, why not get the best of both worlds? Well, it’s not quite that simple. Placing the two products side by side will only reveal distinctions that wouldn’t otherwise be apparent.

And that could interrupt the continuity of your floor plan. Our advice, if you want to minimize flooring costs, would be to use vinyl in spaces such as outdoor laundries, or granny flats, where it’s separate from timber flooring.

If you want to settle the vinyl vs timber flooring debate for good, come and compare both yourself!

Our take may be one perspective, but there’s more to the vinyl vs timber flooring debate. That’s why we suggest you come into a flooring showroom and compare the two for yourself!