Choosing the right flooring for bathrooms can make your bathroom come to life. Whether it is a natural stone finish, or a floor-to-ceiling tile arrangement, bathroom flooring is one of the most powerful design tools at your disposal. But, despite how it might seem, there are more options available to you than tiles alone. Sure, they may not all offer the same excellent features, but under certain circumstances, they can turn out very nicely. So if you’re stuck for bathroom flooring ideas, have a read through our list!

6 Flooring Bathroom Ideas

#1 Vinyl is not one of the most popular bathroom flooring ideas, but it can work really well

Vinyl is one of the more underutilised bathroom flooring ideas, but we think it should get a little more attention. Vinyl is an incredibly diverse and robust flooring product. Better still, it’s waterproof! You can choose from vinyl planks or vinyl sheeting too. Vinyl planks are probably a little more prone to water damage than vinyl sheeting. And that’s simply because water can penetrate the gaps in between the floorboards. Vinyl sheeting, on the other hand, offers a pretty comprehensively waterproof solution for your bathroom.

#2 Tiles are the most popular of all bathroom flooring ideas and there are many reasons why!

We couldn’t write a list of flooring for bathrooms ideas without including tiles. Tiles are pretty hard to go past when it comes to bathroom flooring, and there are many good reasons for this. Firstly, tiles are completely waterproof. And in a room where water is inevitably going to end up on the floor, that’s super important. Secondly, tiles are easy to clean. So you won’t have to worry too much about mould. And finally, tiles look great!

#3 Looking for bathroom flooring ideas with a touch of luxury? Why not look at natural stones

While we’re talking about looks, we have to mention natural stone. Natural stone is the most luxurious bathroom flooring idea, and it has a price tag to reflect that. But, if it’s in your budget, natural stone flooring is very hard to overlook. It simply looks incredible and also has the waterproof properties of tiles.

#4 Believe it or not, some people do go for hardwood bathroom flooring ideas and they can look great

Now let’s have a look at some of the more left-of-field bathroom flooring ideas. And what better place to start than timber? Hardwood flooring is beautiful, but not very well suited to bathroom flooring. It absorbs water and is prone to water damage. Still, some people use it for bathroom flooring. With expert help, it is possible to install hardwood flooring in the bathroom. Despite that, we don’t recommend it!

#5 Laminate flooring is another uncommon bathroom flooring product, but it is possible to pull off

Laminate flooring has a lot of the same drawbacks as timber when you use it in bathroom flooring. It can absorb water quite easily, and if it does you might be in for a new floor. However, the resin laminate surface does repel water much more effectively than hardwood timber alone. But again, it’s not exactly our number one recommendation!

#6 Finally, if you are intent on timber bathroom flooring ideas, engineered timber is your best bet

If you are set on a timber floor in your bathroom, that’s fair enough. Despite its shortcomings in the bathroom setting, timber does look great just about anywhere. And that brings us to the last of our bathroom flooring ideas: engineered timber. If you want timber in your bathroom, engineered timber is the way to go. It is a little more water-resistant than your other timber options. But before you make any choices, we recommend coming in and having a chat with the flooring experts! They will run you through the pros and cons of different bathroom flooring ideas and point you toward the best choice.

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