Flooring has come a long way. Twenty years ago, you seemed limited to hardwood, tiles or carpet. But today, we have access to an unprecedented number of flooring options. And there is one in particular that always excites us: sustainable bamboo flooring. Bamboo is a revolutionary flooring product, and in this short list, we will explain how!

Sustainable bamboo flooring: it’s about more than just appearances

Bamboo flooring has an amazing number of beautiful features – all of which occur naturally. But our favourite feature of bamboo flooring is its sustainability. A lot of timber flooring products aren’t exactly harvested in an environmentally sustainable way. Hardwoods often chew through a lot of resources before they’ve even made it to the sawmill. But not bamboo; it’s easy to grow, lightweight, easy to mill and easy to transport. What could be more sustainable than that?

Sustainable bamboo flooring is durable, which means less of it needs to be harvested

So we’ve established that getting bamboo from the plantation to your floor doesn’t require many resources. But if it doesn’t last, it’s not exactly sustainable. Luckily, bamboo lasts a long time. Bamboo is hard, strong, and very durable. That means your bamboo flooring is in it for the long haul. And that only makes it more sustainable. After all, if you don’t have to replace it, then you’re using the fewest resources possible. That’s what sustainability is all about.

Fast growing bamboo becomes sustainable bamboo flooring – it can be farmed with fewer resources

Bamboo is looking pretty sustainable already. But there’s more to come! The fact is, bamboo has already achieved a sustainable edge before it has been harvested. That’s because of its fast-growing nature. Bamboo grows at an astonishing rate, which means farmers don’t need to pour resources like water and fertiliser into their plantations for years and years just to get a harvest. With relatively little help, bamboo shoots up – so farmers are getting more flooring for less. That places bamboo flooring well ahead of other hardwoods, which can take up to a century to mature!

Of course, we can’t forget about the beautiful appearance of sustainable bamboo flooring

Let’s take a break from bamboo’s sustainability for a second and talk about something just as impressive: its appearance. Bamboo is a naturally stunning flooring product. It has a unique grain, that’s intersected by the segmented cross grains that only come with bamboo. On top of that, it has a bright appearance. As a result, bamboo flooring is great for modern homes that are looking for some natural distinction. Flooring is a powerful design tool, and it can contribute subtly, yet profoundly, to your home’s ambience and décor. So if you want a unique and distinctive difference in your home, bamboo flooring is perfect for you.

Want more sustainable bamboo flooring? Check out the Ubud Green Village for amazing bamboo buildings

When it comes to bamboo, we’ve talked the talk. So can sustainable bamboo flooring walk the walk? We think it can. And one great example of that is the Green Village in Bali. This village has taken the natural beauty and practical benefits of bamboo to the next level, with luxury residences made entirely from bamboo. So if you want to see that amazing benefits of sustainable bamboo flooring in action, get online and check it out! If you want more examples still, why not come in and check out our range? We have showroom examples of bamboo flooring for you to inspect.

So don’t limit yourself to online photos – get in touch today and find out how bamboo floor suits you!