If you’ve hit a few showroom floors already, you’ve probably come to realise that there are a lot of carpets

out there. You’ve probably also come to the realisation that this is a good and bad thing. Of course, no one wants to be short on choices. But having hundreds to choose from doesn’t exactly make your job easy. Luckily, help is at hand! We have drawn on our own experiences to put together this list on choosing the right carpet. And hopefully, it has everything you need to get underway!

The first step to choosing the right carpet is to consider your lifestyle

We all arrange our homes to reflect our lifestyles. And carpets should be no different. If you have an active dog and a few small children, your home is going to be set out as indestructible as possible! That’s exactly what you need to take into account when choosing the right carpet. Start by finding a few options that you like the look of. Then, think about how each one will suit your lifestyle. Will it stand up to a muddy dog running inside on a rainy day? What about a spilt bowl of breakfast cereal? If the answer is no, then move on to the next one. Of course, that’s just one example – you’ll need to adopt your own set of criteria to suit your own lifestyle.

Choosing the right carpet means choosing the right pile – so what’s the difference?

If you’ve spent a bit of time researching carpets, you’ve probably encountered the term ‘pile.’ So what does it mean in reference to carpet? Well, the pile is basically the density of fibres in any given carpet. For example, plush pile is a very soft variety of carpet, that looks almost like velvet. Something like that would be a good choice for the master bedroom, but perhaps not the dining room. The pile of your carpet will inform its suitability to different areas of your home. So it’s worth keeping that in mind.

Choosing the right carpet is a room by room process – you can mix it up

One trap that we often see aspiring carpet buyers fall into is the assumption that you can only choose one carpet. In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth! You can chop and change your carpeting as you please. You can choose a really luxurious plush pile for the master bedroom, then a more durable short loop pile for the other bedrooms, and another variety altogether for the living room. The choice is entirely yours, so get amongst it!

Think about how different colours behave – choose one that creates the right ambience for you

For this tip, we have to deviate a little from the carpets themselves and look at some interior design ideas. Specifically: colour. Colour is one of the hardest decisions to make when it comes to choosing the right carpet. But there are a few basic rules that can guide your decision. Generally, darker more subdued colours create a cosy décor. Brighter colours are a bit of a focal point and are best suited to entertaining areas. Then, there’s the most common choice: neutral colours. Neutral colours are unassuming, yet still elegant, and very forgiving with stains.

Finally, choosing the right carpet involves taking stairs and high traffic areas into account!

By now, you’ve probably already formed a few clear ideas in your head. But there is one parting point we need to impart to you: foot traffic and stairs. Areas of high foot traffic, and stairways, both require very specific and durable carpeting options. For these specialised areas, we recommend that you speak with some carpeting experts – they will have all the expertise necessary to point you in the right direction.

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