As with all trends, some modern carpet trends come and go. But, each year, we are pleased to add a few new styles to our list of timeless classics. Because all classics have to start sometime, right? That’s why we have put together this list of our favourite modern carpet trends of this year!

Recycled carpet is a modern environmental carpet trend that is well worth looking out for
Let’s start with the near unbeatable recycled carpet. Recycled carpet offers all the styles, colours and cuts of ordinary carpet. But it has one distinct advantage: it’s environmentally friendly! So if you’re going for a low impact sustainable home, recycled carpet is for you.

Cut and loop carpet: combining two style trends for modern carpet with a textural touch!
Loop carpet and cut carpet are the two big players when it comes to carpet configuration. Often, in fact, that’s the make or break factor for people choosing carpets. So what could go wrong with mixing the two? Cut and loop carpet combines cut pile and looped pile to create an interesting depth and texture. It’s worth a look if you’re keen to try something new.

Add some curl with frieze carpet – each fibre is twisted for a fascinating finish
Frieze carpet – it’s a bit out there, and you’ll need to be too if you want to rock it in your home! Frieze carpet is made with a heavily twisted pile, so it has an almost curly appearance. Of course, this makes for some very interesting textures. Think of frieze as a sort of low impact version of shag pile – not for everyone, but great fun nonetheless.

Carpet tiles are one of the most popular modern carpet trends, and it’s not hard to see why!
Carpet tiles are on the other end of the spectrum: about as sensible as carpet choices get. They can be replaced individually if stained or damaged, and they come in a wide range of durable colours. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create a terrific ambience with them. A little bit of creativity goes hand in hand with carpet tiles.

Area rugs: this alternative to a lot of modern carpet trends can be just as fulfilling
Perhaps fully carpeted floors just aren’t for you. But you still want a central piece for the living room, or something to take the edge of those bedroom floorboards. What are your options? We reckon are rugs are perfect for you! They come in a wide range of colours, patterns and designs and are well worth checking out.

Bold carpets are fast becoming a modern trend: the only question is will they last?
Bold carpets—that is, your deep reds and burgundies—are coming in from the parlours of old, to the homes of new. And we don’t know what to make of it. But, we can’t deny that some are just downright spectacular. So for a real statement piece, we would recommend.

Deep blue and dark grey: some of the most reliable modern carpet trends
As with any modern trend, carpet trends have given rise to one that is simply timeless: blues and greys. Sometimes they’re mixed, sometimes they’re separate, but all the time, they are stunning!

Fading ombré: this modern carpet trend adds some serious depth to just about any living space
For a prestige décor and depth like never before, why not give some thought to an ombré carpet? These fading colours and shades go well with custom lighting to create a really moody and warm space. However, they can be a little expensive!

Plush carpets might not be the most modern, but they are a trend that will never die: here’s why
Plush carpets are admittedly not the most modern trend. But they are going as strong as ever, and that is simply thanks to their unrivalled comfort. There’s nothing like stepping out of bend and onto a plush carpet in the depths of winter. We don’t think plush carpets are going anywhere soon.

Geometric patterns: this modern carpet trend isn’t for everyone, but it can create a pretty special décor!
Finally, let’s talk the elephant in the room: geometric patterns. Carpets with the patterns aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. But like the bold colours, these bold patterns occasionally come into their own. So if you think you’ve got what it takes to make a statement with your floor, give them a go!

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