Vinyl floors are pretty hard to beat. They’re durable, good-looking, affordable, and easy to install. As far as flooring goes, that’s about as good as it gets. But, as with all flooring materials, maintenance is key to make it go the distance. After a while, no doubt, you’ll notice your vinyl floor lose some of that shine it had in the beginning. So how can you make vinyl floors shine again? There are plenty of different approaches, but here’s our advice.

A popular home remedy to make vinyl floors shine is vinegar and baby oil – here’s how it works!

When a lot of people are asked how to make vinyl floors shine, their first reaction is to reach for the chemicals. But harsh chemicals and vinyl don’t always mix. In fact, some chemicals can make your vinyl flooring worse. That’s why home remedies are popular. Our favourite is a diluted mix of white vinegar and a teaspoon or so of baby oil. This combination, mixed with warm water, of course, is a nice and gentle solution. It gets right into the grime on your floor, without going any further. The result: your vinyl floor will shine again!

Alternatively, you can head to a hardware or cleaning supplies store and get specialised products

Of course, there is always a place for some chemicals in the cleaning process. You just need to make sure you choose the right ones. That’s where some professional advice really comes into its own. Chatting with your local flooring specialists will likely yield some useful information. So ask for advice before you hit the cleaning products – the results will speak for themselves.

Prevention is better than a cure: taking care of your vinyl floor will make it shine – here’s how!

When people ask us how to make vinyl floors shine, we always recommend starting from the beginning. That can only mean one thing: regular maintenance! This means a combination of sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming. We recommend doing all three as often as possible. Sweeping up after dinner each night is a good start. This simply preserves the surface of your vinyl, so it keeps its shine for longer, and so you can shine it easier if it dulls.

Give your vinyl floor a thorough clean about once a month, to prepare it for waxing

Even with your cleaning regime, you will need an extensive clean about once a month. This involves a solid and extensive vacuum, and a mop with whichever cleaning product you prefer. This process is important, as it removes any grit or grime from your vinyl floor. And if you want to know why that’s so important, read on!

Finally, after you’ve prepared your vinyl floor, apply a coat of wax to make it shine! But make sure it’s the right variety

Having your vinyl floor smooth, clean, and clear is the second last step in the ultimate vinyl shining process. The final step is to apply a layer of vinyl flooring wax. The most important part of this is choosing the right wax. There is an abundance of flooring waxes on offer, and they all suit different materials. The one you want is purpose made for vinyl floors specifically – we suggest asking some experts for a recommendation. Once you have that, it’s just a matter of applying it. Follow the instructions to a tee and you shouldn’t have any issues. But be sure to clean your floor well – any grit or grime can detract from the end result.

For more information regarding vinyl flooring, get in touch. We have a range of vinyl products, and we know the best ways to keep them looking great.