Timber flooring is a highly sought-after flooring solution and this is due primarily to its high quality, functionality, and appealing finish. There are, however, a number of things that ought to be taken into consideration when choosing the perfect flooring for your home. This guide seeks to outline some of the more important of these, so as to provide you with the tools to make an informed and suitable decision on how to choose the perfect timber flooring for your home.


As with the selection of any floor, you must consider the extent to which each option is suited to your home. Fortunately, timber flooring is perhaps the most diverse of all flooring solutions and as such, is likely to offer a variety that is perfectly apposite to the features of your home. Listed below are several properties of timber flooring that will ensure its suitability to your needs.

  • Design utility
    Timber is somewhat of a timeless addition to any interior and there are many good reasons for this. Given that it is sourced from nature, the options are endless and this ensures that there is a timber solution that will be compatible with any design and ambience. This is evident in the extensity of colours, textures and cuts that are available. Timber flooring can be a very effective tool in enhancing the aesthetic appeal and ambience of your living spaces, irrespective of the style, age or size of your home.
  • Lifetime
    Timber flooring – when chosen correctly – is an incredibly durable flooring option. When considering the properties of wood, it is not surprising that timber floors have been known to have a lifetime in excess of the house in which they were installed. Generally speaking, the longevity of your wood floor is dependent upon the quality of the timber you choose. When evaluating quality, there are a plethora of factors to take into account and some of the more pertinent of these are addressed in the following sections of this guide.


As stated above, the quality of the timber flooring you choose will have a direct bearing on its durability and subsequently, its lifespan. Quality can vary between providers and it is important that you seek a reputable provider of quality timber flooring solutions.

  • Moisture resistance
    Timber is an organic product and as a consequence, it can never be fully water resistant. It will absorb water and expand when wet, before contracting as it dries so it is imperative that adequate care is taken to safeguard against damage of this nature. Fortunately however, this susceptibility can be alleviated to an extent and quality providers will ensure that all possible precautions have been taken in the timber’s production to chemically treat it as required. Additionally, some forms of timber flooring are naturally more water resistant and the most prominent of these is bamboo – a more moisture resistant alternative to hardwood or carpet .
  • Scratch resistance
    Scratches are one of the primary factors in the deterioration of timber flooring and as such, have a considerable bearing on the lifetime of the floor. Quality timber flooring will have highly scratch resistant coatings on the wood, so as to ensure that it cannot easily be damaged by the daily wear and tear to which all floors are subject. It is advisable that you enquire as to the number of scratch resistant coats on any prospective timber flooring, as well as the quality of these coats. One or more high quality scratch resistant coatings will guarantee that your timber flooring has an immaculate finish when it is installed in your home – providing your interior with the designer facelift that you seek. Timber flooring is arguably the most widely applicable of all flooring solutions and taking a few simple steps in the selection process will allow you to drastically improve the aesthetic appeal, functionality, and suitability of your floor.

Choosing a quality timber flooring specialist can benefit your home in the long run. At Ashmore Carpets we provide only the highest-quality timber floors for your home.