As more and more flooring products enter the market, homeowners are spoilt for choice. So how can you tell which flooring material is right for you? There are many ways to find the perfect flooring solution. Assessing your options based on a range of merits will almost invariably lead you to the right solution. For a lot of people, that means Karndean flooring. Karndean flooring is becoming increasingly popular, and for very good reasons. It has a wide range of benefits and we have listed five of them below.

Karndean flooring is a sleek and good looking flooring solution

One of the foremost selling points of any flooring product is its appearance. Everyone wants flooring that looks nice and suits the interior décor of their home. When it comes to this, Karndean flooring is a leader in the field. Available in a number of colours and patterns, Karndean flooring accurate emulates the appearance of natural timbers. As a result, you can match your flooring to the rest of your home with ease. You won’t have to spend long looking for the best option. Simply tell your flooring specialist what you need, and they will match you with a Karndean flooring solution.

Karndean flooring is considerably cheaper than a lot of alternatives

Another determining factor in your search for the best flooring is the price. Most homeowners want natural timbers or polished tiles. However, in many cases, the cost of such products is prohibitive. With Karndea flooring, that is simply not the case. You can enjoy the stunning and elegant shades of natural timber for a far lower price. It may sound too good be true, but it’s not; with Karndea you get the benefits of timber without the price tag.

Karndean flooring is easy to maintain

A lot of flooring materials require extensive and frequent maintenance. In a lot of cases, this is something that you will not realise until you have already made your decision. However, Karndean flooring is well known as being one of the easiest flooring products to maintain. It is predominately water resistant, which means that you can mop it without worrying about damage, although it is important that you don’t allow water to pool. Unlike timber floors, which require period overhauls, Karndean flooring needs little more than a weekly vacuum and mop. Consequently, it is great for busy families.

Karndean flooring is durable

Maintaining your floor is quite a big job, but it is absolutely paramount. With any flooring product, vacuuming is essential. Small particles of dirt, sand or general grit will slowly wear down the surface of your floor if they are not dealt with. However, some flooring materials are more susceptible to this issue than others. Timber is one such material and it often requires restoration for that reason. Conversely, Karndean flooring is tough and it resists wear and degradation well. This means it maintains its great looks while saving you money on long term maintenance.

Karndean flooring is a great option for rental properties

Because of its cheap, hardwearing and visually appealing nature, Karndean flooring is a popular option among landlords. It will withstand a great deal of wear and tear, which reduces maintenance costs for the property as a whole. Furthermore, it has a great appearance and is an effective selling point as a result. Another advantage that many people overlook is Karndean flooring’s easy to install configuration. This is good for two reasons. Firstly, it reduces the cost of installation and saves you money. Secondly, it means that you can remove Karndean flooring and reuse it in another property if need be.

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