Whether they are referred to as carpet squares or carpet tiles, they are an attractive and practical flooring option that many often overlook. However the shift toward carpet tiles is changing, partly because people are discovering the many exciting benefits they offer and their flexibility of use. As the Gold Coast’s leading supplier of carpet tiles, the team at Ashmore Carpets explain why carpet tiles could be a flooring option that you may want to consider for your home or business.

What carpet tile styles are available and where are they used?

Like traditional broadloom carpets, carpet tiles come in many different styles, patterns, and colours. There are numerous pile styles, multi-fibre varieties, and even self-adhesive carpet tiles. The main difference between rolls of carpet and carpet tiles is the backing material used is designed to handle more abuse than usual with a solid vinyl backing that can resist water damage. They can also be removed and reused.

They can be used to cover large floor areas from wall to wall or can be used to inject warmth into a room in homes with stone or hardwood flooring as feature floor runners or as an alternative to rugs.

Why should I consider carpet tiles?

  • EASY INSTALLATION: Carpet tiles are very easy to install, making them popular with DIY enthusiasts and meaning no installation costs. They are also easily transported in boxes and it’s far easier to install carpet tiles around existing furniture in spaces that are being used. Better yet they can be taken with you to a new home, making it ideal for those who are renting. They are also easy to install in difficult shaped rooms as they can be easily cut to size.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN: Carpet tiles are also easier to maintain, making them ideal for commercial settings with high foot traffic. Individual tiles do not have glue to install them and can easily be removed and replaced for cleaning, or to replace a section that is damaged. It’s also easy to rotate tiles if you notice any wearing in higher traffic areas of a home or office.
  • DESIGN FLEXIBILITY: Homeowners have the flexibility to create unique, colourful and interesting geometric patterns by mixing and matching different colours and styles of carpet tiles. This means that they can make focal point in the centre of the room with an eye catching feature or create funky checkerboard patterns.

Carpet tiles also offer all the other benefits of regular carpet including underfoot comfort, insulation to the home, and noise reduction properties. They also make it easy and enjoyable to create your own inviting and comfortable interiors for your home.

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