Vinyl floor coverings are among the most popular in Australian homes. They are cost-effective, they look great and, with the right care, they can last many years. However, vinyl flooring is different to other types of flooring. The vinyl itself reacts differently to certain methods of cleaning. Some methods of cleaning that work for tiles or timber might be ineffective on vinyl. In fact, in some cases, these methods can even damage your vinyl flooring. That is why we have compiled a list of methods by which you can clean vinyl flooring effectively and correctly.

Try to keep dirt off your floor

It is often said that prevention is better than a cure and this is certainly true when it comes to cleaning vinyl floors. Your vinyl floors will look great and last longer if you can prevent dirt and grit getting on there in the first place. Fortunately, this is one of the easiest parts of cleaning vinyl flooring. It is often simply a matter of buying a doormat. This can catch a majority of the dirt before it even enters your home. Taking off your shoes, and asking guests to do the same, will have a similar effect. These measures are far cheaper and easier than extensive professional cleaning services, or even new vinyl flooring. As a result, it is ideal to implement these strategies as soon as possible.

Sweep away dust and dirt as often as possible

Even with a doormat, it is inevitable that some dirt or grit will end up on your vinyl flooring. This is to be expected and frequently sweeping up will lessen its impact on your vinyl flooring. Ideally, you would sweep high traffic areas of your home every evening. When these areas collect dust, dirt and grit, the abrasive nature of the small particles will slowly erode the surface of the vinyl. This makes it lose colour and strength. With frequent sweeping, however, it will not be an issue.

Use gentle cleaning methods as opposed to harsh chemicals

When you clean vinyl flooring, there is always the temptation to use harsh floor cleaning products. These might be effective on tiles or timber, but they are often too corrosive for vinyl flooring. These products can degrade the floor covering and compromise its protective outer layers over time. As well as this, some floor cleaning products have a waxy substance that is designed to wax the floor. Vinyl flooring should never be waxed, as the wax does not adhere correctly and leaves an unsightly and damaging build-up.

Never soak the floor with a saturated mop

Despite being water resistant, vinyl flooring is not well suited to high volumes of water. The occasional spill every now and then will not be a problem, but frequent mopping with a soaked mop can have adverse effects. Instead of dunking your mop in a bucket of water before every sweep, you should consider using a damp, easy-glide microfiber mop. These work effectively without being saturated and will prevent excess water penetrating your flooring. If this does happen, then the floor beneath can sustain serious damage.

Use cleaning products meant for vinyl

The easiest way to ensure that you clean vinyl flooring the right way is by using products designed specifically for vinyl. There is an abundance of these on the market and they offer all the cleaning benefits of regular floor cleaning products but without the damaging components. Ask a local flooring specialist, or even have a look in your local supermarket or hardware store for some more information. If you take good care of your vinyl flooring, it will remain in perfect condition for many years to come.

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