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Wool Vs Nylon Carpet: Which Is Best For You?

It’s the age old question of carpet: which is better – wool or nylon? Homeowners inevitably grapple with that question when the time comes to recarpet their homes. And the truth is, both varieties of carpet have a lot going for them. So we thought we would put together a quick guide to choosing between wool and nylon carpet. As you’re reading it, there’s one thing you need to consider: what’s your priority? When you know your own priorities, the choice between two great products will be much easier!

Wool carpet: pros and cons

Wool carpet has thousands of years of history behind it ¬– wool, of course, being the oldest human-used fibre. But that’s not what makes it so great for carpet. What makes wool a great material for carpet is its inimitable appearance and texture. Wool offers a truly unique finish, and we think that is worth a strong mention in the wool vs nylon carpet fight. In addition to its appearance, wool stacks up admirably in terms of durability as well. It resists dirt and soil well, and it last a long time. However, it is expensive; price is probably the main drawback of wool carpet.

Nylon carpet: pros and cons

Nylon carpet offers durability and toughness quite unlike any other. It resists water well, it resists stains well, and it is hard to wear down by foot traffic alone. These qualities place nylon carpet well in the wool vs nylon stakes. It is also affordable; nylon is a polymeric material, which is easy to produce and extraordinarily hard wearing. However, being man-made, nylon doesn’t quite have that multidimensional and unique appearance that wool does. For some homeowners, that can be a bit of a shortcoming.

Looking for tough carpet to suit high traffic areas? Nylon might be the best choice for you

If you’re recarpeting that one high-traffic hall in your home for the fifth time, nylon is probably for you. Unavoidably, some areas of our homes bear the brunt of our foot traffic. And normally, the carpet in that area ends up revealing this. Nylon carpet is the toughest option, so it’s well suited for those high traffic parts of the house. It will last longer than most other varieties of carpet, and may just save you money on recarpeting in the long term.

Do you want carpet that hides soil, looks great, and feels even better? Wool carpet may take the cake

If comfort, and appearance are your biggest priorities, wool carpet is sure to tick the relevant boxes. It is luxurious in both its appearance, and its underfoot feel. That means wool carpet is ideal for those more comfortable parts of the house, like the bedroom. And you needn’t worry about durability. Although wool is not quite on the same level as nylon in terms of durability, it stands up well to foot traffic. It also hides dirt effectively. Unlike nylon, wool fibres are opaque. This means the carpet reflects less light, and therefore makes dirt harder to spot.

So wool or nylon: what carpet is best? It really depends on your individual circumstances!

So there you have it: the question of wool vs nylon carpet is really one for you to answer. Both these carpet types play to their strengths, and you should too! By looking closely at what you really need from your carpet, you can make the best choice for you. All you need to do is pay attention to the details, like budget, appearance, and foot traffic. And as always, don’t be afraid to ask the experts!