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Different qualities of carpet will perform at different levels

Ashmore Carpets offer a large range of carpets and carpet tiles to suit every budget giving you some great ideas in creating a unique floor design.

Allow one of our experts help you find the best option your needs.

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Choosing the right colour for your carpet

Depending on the colour you can change your home or office ambience. Choosing a dark colour or going for a lighter one will give each room a different character. Depending on what you want to create, choose a colour that will enhance the end goal; for example you can go for a warm colour to create a cosy, relaxing room or choose a cold one to indicate it is an office space.

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Quality Carpet Tiles

Flexible and crafted to inspire, Ashmore Carpets offers one of the largest range of patterns and colours in the Gold Coast, giving you some great ideas in creating a unique floor design for your next flooring venture.

Carpet Tiles allow much more design freedom than carpet coverings or Timber Flooring. Just by swapping a few tiles in your current design you can create a whole new floor pattern without the need to replace the whole carpet.

Create your own flooring design with Ashmore Carpet tiles. Mix and match colours and carpet styles, creating patterns and focus points.

Carpet tiles typically produce less of cut waste, saving you or your client money.

Many of Ashmore Carpets projects have all been custom made to suit a specific space. Made from quality wall to wall carpet the flexibility in colour combinations and design is endless.

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